Knilans hopes to retain position in 44th District

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012
— The incumbent who represents most of Janesville in the 44th Assembly District said Monday he would seek a second term in the November elections.

Rep. Joe Knilans, R-Janesville, made the announcement on "Your Talk Show" on WCLO radio.

Knilans said he made his inaugural announcement on the predecessor of "Your Talk Show" in 2010, so he wanted to do the same this year, he said.

Wisconsin is heading in the right direction, Knilans said, and he wants to help that trend continue.

Knilans, 48, knocked off incumbent Rep. Mike Sheridan, a Democrat, in 2010. Sheridan held the powerful Assembly speaker post at the time.

Four Democrats have declared candidacies for the chance to unseat Knilans. They are Deb Kolste, Sam Liebert, Kevin Murray and Yuri Rashkin. They face off in an Aug. 14 primary.

Knilans said it's hard to tell whether the recall election on June 5 will affect his own candidacy. Knilans supported Gov. Scott Walker in actions that led to the recallónotably the attack on union bargaining rights for some public-sector employees.

All politics is local, Knilans said Monday, so what happens to Walker might not have any effect on an Assembly race.

He noted that local voters backed Rep. Paul Ryan in 2010 while at the same time backing Democrat Barack Obama.

"It doesn't matter what happens with Gov. Walker," Knilans said. "Janesville politics is Janesville politics, and the people of Janesville will voice their opinion in November."

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