McIntyre, Lund meet again for Edgerton mayoral seat

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Friday, March 30, 2012
— It's the tale of two mayors—again.

Edgerton Mayor Chris Lund is hoping to ride two years of experience to keep his post against a veteran local politician who's proven he knows how to keep a seat at City Hall one way or another.

Lund squares off in the April 3 election against city Alderman Matt McIntyre, who held down the mayor's post for a total of 10 years. McIntyre also has been on the city council for parts of the last 20 years.

The pair ran against each other for the mayor's post in the 2010 spring election, when both were aldermen. Lund beat McIntyre handily in that race.

McIntyre, however, held a seat on the council for a one-year term, and he retained another one-year seat on the council again last year by running campaigns in two aldermanic districts.

This year, McIntyre has launched simultaneous bids for mayor and for first-district alderman against incumbent Ron Webb.

Lund and McIntyre shared their thoughts with The Gazette about what has changed since their last face-off, and what their hopes are for the next two years if elected mayor.

Q: What is one challenge now that is different from issues the city was facing when you ran for mayor in 2010?
Lund: "The challenge now is a little bit with the state budget (shared revenue cuts), which meant a number of things we had to address this year. One full-time position at City Hall became part-time because of retirement.

"A couple public works guys retired and we only filled one of those spots. It looks like the guys there are doing a good job at keeping up with things, and that was a big help with getting our budget in line. The challenge is serving the community and keeping in line with our budget whether or not there's less funding from the state."

McIntyre: "We're seeing a drastic reduction in state and federal aid, coupled with unfunded mandates. Meanwhile we're planning for a very costly upgrade for our wastewater treatment plant. We've got more cuts coming down the line. In prioritizing equipment and programs, we're in a mode now of trying to figure out how to get the biggest bang for the fewest dollars. We've really got to learn to plan ahead on the budget where we can get by with less."
Q: What would be an immediate goal if you are elected mayor?
McIntyre: Says he'd like to evaluate the ranks of city committees. "In learning from the pluses and minuses of what we've tried over the years, and what has worked and what hasn't, it would be putting the best people possible on the best committees possible."
Lund: Said he'd want to see parcels and one vacant building filling up in the city's north side business park.

"We still have the one vacant building out there, the large format digital building. It needs a tenant," Lund said.

Lund also suggested the council might want to revisit whether the current parcels are the right size to draw larger industrial tenants.

Q: What do you think separates you from your opponent?
Lund: "My connection to the community. I've been involved in community service, including the fire department and coaching. My work history for the last two and a half decades has been in the city, so I've been able to see what's needed for the city. I think I represent the community-minded, hardworking aspect that the bulk of this community represents."
McIntyre: "I like to say I have an endless amount of enthusiasm and drive. Not that I'm trying to say that Chris (Lund) doesn't have any get-up-and-go. Everybody has their own style. I tend to be more of a keep-going-at-it, keep-going-at-it, don't stop-type person. Otherwise, there isn't much fundamentally different between Chris and myself. We're both out for what's best for the city."

Christopher W. Lund (I)

Address: 314 Terrace Court, Edgerton.

Age: 56

Job: Maintenance and setup mechanic.

Education: Graduated from Edgerton High School, received firefighter, Hazmat and emergency certification from Blackhawk Technical College.

Community service: Volunteer for Angel Food Ministries at Central Lutheran Church, Edgerton; former board member, Edgerton youth baseball; volunteer, Edgerton Fire Department and ambulance driver.

Elected post: Edgerton City Council; Edgerton mayor since 2010.


Matt McIntyre

Address: 3 Mechanic St., Edgerton.

Job: Carpentry, construction and remodeling.

Education: Graduated from Edgerton High School; attended Blackhawk Technical College, UW Whitewater, Oklahoma City Technical College.

Community service: Former member of Jaycees; numerous city committees including plan commission, public safety commission, economic development commission and public works commission.

Elected posts: Edgerton mayor, 10 years; Edgerton City Council, parts of two decades.

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