Child center in Geneva Township still facing hurdles

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012
— Most requirements to build a child advocacy center in Geneva Township have been met with the exception of building plans and a permit.

Dozens of meetings and documents have been discussed, modified and approved since the Walworth County Alliance for Children began planning the 4,300-square-foot center proposed on a five-acre site on County NN.

Major hurdles included a certified survey map to allow for the transfer of land and a conditional-use permit to address zoning issues. Approvals were necessary from four jurisdictions—the town of Geneva, the city of Elkhorn, Walworth County and the state of Wisconsin.

The town approved the certified survey map March 12, and it now goes to the city and then the county for final approval.

Joe Kopecky, Geneva Town Board chairman, must sign off on the certified survey map before it can be forward to the city and county. The conditional-use permit has been cleared.

Building plans and a building permit remain to be approved before construction can begin. The town issues the building permit, and Kopecky has indicated he wants conditions attached.

"The town welcomes this center and is in full support of the alliance," Kopecky said. "We must address, however, the fact that the center comes with additional costs to the town.

"Fire calls, police calls and other services need to be accounted for in our budget," he said. "Where does the money come from for these additional services?"

Kopecky has set no timetable for town approval of a building permit.

"The plans have to be approved by the state before we'll consider a building permit," he said.

"Building plans will be submitted to the state for review within two week," said Bill Henry of Kehoe-Henry & Associates of Elkhorn.

Henry is the lead architect for the project.

The next Geneva Town Board meeting is April 9. The town's annual meeting is set for April 10. Agendas have not been announced for either meeting.

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