Man in shooting made earlier threat

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Thursday, March 8, 2012
— A Janesville man threatened to kill himself in front of Rep. Paul Ryan's office more than a year before he did so, police said Wednesday in a news conference.

Mark Kromrey, 42, of 926 Park Ridge Road, Janesville, fatally shot himself at 4:17 p.m. Tuesday in the common area at Olde Towne Mall, 20 S. Main St., Janesville.

Police had contact with Kromrey in August 2010 after Kromrey sent a letter to Ryan's office, Janesville Police Chief Dave Moore said in a news release Wednesday morning.

"There's a 90 percent chance I will be committing suicide in front of your office as a political statement," Kromrey wrote in 2010. "It's nothing against you."

Police at the time took "appropriate action" to get help for Kromrey, Moore said.

At no time did Kromrey threaten Ryan, Moore said.

After Kromrey shot himself Tuesday, police found a suicide note and a pistol, Moore said. The note directed police to contact Kromrey's family and stated the gun contained only one bullet, Moore said.

Police continued Wednesday to investigate who owned the pistol, Moore said. Wisconsin law prohibits Moore from saying whether Kromrey had a concealed carry permit, Moore said.

Kromrey in 2010 told police Ryan's office helped him when he was dissatisfied with the result of a lawsuit Kromrey filed against the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

According to online court documents, Kromrey in 2001 faxed documents to the FBI to warn agents about what Kromrey perceived as online slander against actress Ami Dolenz. After Kromrey contacted the FBI, he became paranoid that the agency was monitoring him, Moore said.

Kromrey filed a lawsuit against Dolenz and the FBI. The suit was dismissed in June 2010.

That summer, when Kromrey wrote that he might kill himself, Ryan's office contacted Capitol Police who contacted Janesville police, Moore said. Police at the time took appropriate action to help Kromrey. Moore said he is prohibited by law from saying what the action was.

Kromrey on Tuesday was transported to Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center, Janesville, where he later died.

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