Janesville School District lists retirements, resignations

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Gazette staff
Thursday, June 28, 2012

These people retired or resigned from the Janesville School District during the past school year. Eight district staff members asked not to be a part of this annual announcement.

-- Bonnie Anderson- Stalker retires after 33 years with the district. She began teaching in 1978 at Rich East High School in Park Forest, Ill.

Stalker moved to Janesville and began teaching art at Edison Junior High School in 1979. Starting in 1986, she taught at Edison and at various elementary schools.

Stalker became a school counselor at Franklin Middle School in 1990, where she remained through 2010-11. This past year she returned to teaching art at Madison Elementary.

Stalker also coached seventh-grade girls basketball for three years, girls swim for eight years and volleyball for 29 years, including three years as Parker High School's varsity volleyball coach from 1991 to 1993.

-- Gail Angus began working for the district in 1991 at Wilson Elementary School. She transferred to Madison Elementary School in 1992 and has been teaching kindergartners there ever since.

-- Cheri Appel joined the district in 1995, teaching second grade at Jackson Elementary School. She remained at Jackson throughout her career, teaching second, third and fourth grades and one year of SAGE support for second and third grades. Appel was a unit leader for two years. Office Max chose her in 2009 for its "A Day Made Better" program.

-- Ron Cramer retired just before school started last year. He taught in Janesville for 45 years. He began his teaching career in 1966 at Franklin Junior High School. In 1967, he transferred to Parker High School, where he spent the rest of his career teaching physical education. He was his department's instructional manager from 1990 until his retirement. He was the assistant athletics director at Parker for four years. He coached many sports, including football, track and wrestling.

-- Darcy Demos taught for 33 years in the district. She was an art teacher for various elementary schools. In 1992, she began teaching art at Van Buren Elementary exclusively. She was transferred to Washington Elementary in 2011. She served on the district's K-12 and K-5 art curriculum committees.

-- Janice Diers worked for the district 27 1/2 years. She taught at Stoughton High School from 1980 to 1984. She also taught night classes at Blackhawk Technical College.

Diers joined the district in 1984, teaching business at Craig High School. She remained at Craig for the rest of her career. Diers was her department's instructional manager for 14 years, non-consecutively. She also served on Blackhawk Technical College's Legal Administrative Advisory Committee for 20 years.

-- Martha Dunegan-Hough worked for the district for 17 years. She began her teaching career in 1974 in Brooklyn Park, Minn. She taught in the Kenosha and Beloit school districts before joining the Janesville School District in 1995. She taught stringed instruments and orchestra at various elementary schools and at Edison Middle School during her time here.

-- Mary Farrell worked as a guidance counselor for the district for 11 years. She worked in the Twin Lakes, Waukesha and Fontana school districts before joining the Janesville district in 2000. Farrell worked at Lincoln Elementary throughout her time here. Farrell also was her school's building assistant, which means she assumed the principal's duties when the principal was out of the building.

-- Carole Francis worked in the district 38 years. She began teaching English at Parker High School in 1973, where she remained until retirement.

-- James Gallup worked 37 1/2 years in the district. He began teaching social studies half-time and worked as an aide half time at Edison Middle School. He began teaching social studies full time in 1975. He remained there his entire career.

Gallup coached or assistant-coached the boys swim team for 14 years. He was his department's unit leader or team leader for 24 years. He has been an active member of the Janesville Education Association his entire career, serving as the union's president as well as on its representative assembly, executive board and several negotiating teams.

-- Deb Goad retired after 22 years with the district. She was hired as manager of food services in 1989 and remained in that job her entire time with the district. During her tenure, student meals increased from 3,000 per day to 6,000 per day.

Goad was active at the state and national levels of the School Nutrition Association, serving as state president in 2006. She was honored as Director of the Year for the Midwest region in 2005.

-- Timothy Gourdoux retires after an 18-year career. He began working for the Waukesha School District in 1974. He started teaching in Janesville in 1994. He taught at Jackson Elementary School all 18 years.

-- Cathy Haen worked for the district 37 years. She began teaching at Harrison Elementary in 1975. She transferred to Monroe Elementary in 1982 where she taught grade 5 for two years and grade 2 for 17 years. Haen has taught third grade for the past 10 years.

Haen was an adviser for the student council for two years. She served on numerous building committees. She was a Janesville Education Association building representative, Executive Board member and co-lead negotiator.

-- Lisa Hamil resigned early in the school year after 13 years with the district. She started working at Jackson Elementary School as an instructional and early childhood classroom aide. The following year, she continued working as an instructional aide, but also worked as a kindergarten classroom aide and noon-hour supervisor.

Hamil returned to the early childhood program in 2000. In 2001, she transferred to Parker High School, where she worked as a clerical team leader. In 2003, she became the athletic director's secretary at the Educational Services Center, where she remained until the beginning of the 2006-07 school year. She then returned to Parker as a clerical team leader.

-- Carlin Harding resigned before the school year began after 10 years with the district. She worked as counselor/mental health specialist in Lake Villa, Ill., from 1996 to 1999. She also worked as a secondary special education teacher for the Lad Lake School District in Dousman.

Harding began working in Janesville in 2001, teaching students with emotional and behavioral disabilities at Edison Middle School. She then moved to Marshall Middle School.

-- Nancy Hewes retired in January after 27 years. She was the public information secretary for 15 years. She later was selected to be the school board's coordinator of board relations and assistant board clerk.

-- Judi Kirchner retired in July 2011. She had worked for the district 22 years. She began working as an attendance clerk at Parker High School in 1988. She became a full-time attendance secretary in 1990 and accepted the position of assistant principal's secretary in 1995.

Kirchner was named the district's Support Staff Member of the Year in 2003.

-- Pamela Kiskunas is retiring after 28 years. She began her teaching career at Yahara School in Edgerton, 1979 to 1984. She began teaching fourth grade at Janesville's Harrison Elementary School in 1984. The following year she switched to third grade and taught at that level for 22 years.

Kiskunas taught first grade in 2007-08. She has taught kindergarten for the past four years.

Kiskunas served as unit leader for six years and as a Janesville Education Association representative for many years. She was been involved with her school's Relay for Life team and headed up the United Way campaign at Harrison.

-- Kathie Koebler worked 35 years for the district, first teaching at Washington Elementary School and then at Wilson and Lincoln elementary schools, teaching first grade and kindergarten.

Koebler transferred to Madison Elementary School in 1991. She taught first grade there for nine years and has been teaching kindergarten for the past 12 years.

-- Carrie Kulinski left the district in January and became executive director of the Janesville Boys & Girls Club. She had worked for the district for 13 years.

Kulinski was an addiction counselor at Parkside Lodge and Mercy Options from 1994 to 1999. She came to the district in 1999, working as the counselor for alcohol and other drugs.

Kulinski set up drug and alcohol programs that are a model for schools throughout the United States. She helped start the CRES Academy, a charter school for teen in recovery, and wrote a marijuana curriculum used by districts across the nation. She has been affectionately called The Weed Whacker.

-- Diane Larson retired at the end of June 2011. She worked for the district 24 years, first working as a clerk at Marshall Junior High School in January 1987.

She took the job as a curriculum coordinator's secretary at the Educational Services Center in April 1987. In 1988 she accepted the position of library media secretary.

-- Marilyn Leach retires after 36.5 years. She began her career teaching second grade at Jefferson Elementary in 1975, which she did for three years. She also taught first grade at Jefferson for two years. She then transferred to Monroe Elementary, where she taught first grade for six years.

Leach then taught first and second grades for 10 years at Lincoln Elementary School. During her time at Lincoln, she was honored as the school's Teacher of the Year and was nominated for state PTA Teacher of the Year in 1994.

Leach became Learning Support Teacher at Jackson Elementary School in 1996. She also was building assistant, team leader and literacy coach at Jackson.

Leach was recognized in 2009 by the International Honor Society in Education, Kappa Delta Pi, for her impact as an educator. She ended her career teaching first grade at Wilson Elementary School.

-- Mark Marsden is retiring after 13 years with the district. He taught for 34 years at various school districts

Marsden taught special education in the Beaver Dam School district for 15 years and in the Menomonie School District for six years before coming to Janesville.

Marsden began teaching special education students with learning disabilities at Craig High School in 1999, remaining there for the rest of his career.

Marsden taught children with cognitive disabilities for five years at Craig in addition to his work with students with learning disabilities.

Marsden has been the instructional manager for the special education department for the past nine years. He coached girls basketball coach at Craig for 11 seasons and coached for 32 years total. He has been the head girls' track coach at Craig for the past 13 years and has coached track for a total of 34 years.

-- JoAnn Moore retires after working at Jackson Elementary School for 16 years. She taught Title I, kindergarten and first grade. She served as her department's unit leader for four years.

Moore taught at St. Patrick's School in Janesville from 1987 to 1996 before joining the district.

-- Kathleen Muhs resigned in December after 11 years in the district. She first was a special education aide for early childhood and kindergarten students in 1998-99. She moved to Kennedy Elementary School the following school year and worked as an office clerical and instructional aide for the next seven years.

Muhs also did some noon hour supervision and Title I program aide work during that time at Kennedy. She left the district in 2006, but returned in 2008, working as a special education aide in Jefferson Elementary School's early childhood and talk-and-learn programs.

Muhs worked in the district's New Student Enrollment office in the 2010-11 school year.

-- Stefanie Murray retires after 19 years in Janesville. She began teaching students with learning disabilities at Marshall Middle School in 1993. She remained at Marshall her entire time with the district.

Murray taught courses for future special education teachers at UW-Whitewater in 2003. She received the Kohl Teacher of the Year Award in 2004, and was named a Janesville School District Teacher of the Year that same year.

-- Colleen Neumann retires after 34 with the district. She began her teaching career at Marshall Junior High School in 1978, teaching Spanish. She taught there 27 years before moving to Craig High School in 2005.

Neumann was named the district's Middle School Teacher of the Year in 1996.

Neumann was a cheerleader coach for four years and an exploratory team leader for six years, encore team leader for eight years, and was her department's instructional manager for 16 years.

Neumann served as co-adviser of the Spanish Club and the National Spanish Honor Society. She trained more than a dozen student teachers, four of whom currently teach Spanish in the district.

At the request of the district, Neumann created Spanish for Educators, a course she taught for 10 years as a graduate-level credit course for St. Mary's University of Minnesota and then for Cardinal Stritch University.

Neumann was president of the Janesville Education Association from 1986 to 1992. She worked with the union as a teachers' rights representative and as a contract negotiator. She served one term as president of Rock Valley United Teachers.

-- Sylvia O'Connor retires after 19 years. She first taught in Decatur, Ill., from 1973 to 1975. She then taught in the Homer School District in Homer, Ill., from 1977 to 1980.

From 1982 to 1983, O'Connor taught at George Washington University in Washington D.C.

She worked at Ramstein Elementary School in Ramstein, Germany, from 1988 to 1993.

O'Connor joined the district in 1993, working as a librarian at Jackson Elementary School. She transferred to Wilson Elementary School in 2010. This past year, she has been the innovation specialist for both Madison and Washington elementary schools.

-- Susi Pakes leaves the district after 17 years of service. She worked as an intern at Edison and Franklin middle schools, teaching German in the first semester of the 1994-95 school year. She was then hired to continue in that position for the second semester.

She began teaching German at Marshall Middle School in 1999. She continued teaching German at all three schools for the rest of her career.

Pakes coached forensics for nine years.

-- Patricia Piek-Groth retires after 19 year with the district. She first taught in the Prentice School District from 1983 to 1984 and then in the Durand School District from 1984 to 1986 and at the Sturgeon Bay School District.

Piek-Groth began working at Janesville's Parker High School in 1993 as a special education teacher, teaching students with learning disabilities at Parker until her retirement.

-- Dave Roeber resigned in August 2011. He had worked for the district for 22 years.

Roeber began working for the district in 1989 as a custodian at the Educational Services Center. He moved to Craig High School later that same year, where he remained until 1996.

Roeber moved to Jefferson Elementary School, where he was the head custodian. He also was head custodian at Jackson Elementary School from 1998 to 2011.

-- Jackie Roeber resigned last summer after 13 years with the district. She began teaching third grade at Jackson Elementary in 1998 and stayed in that position until her resignation.

Roeber was her grade's unit leader for six years. She and her husband, Dave, moved to Arizona, where she is working as a second-grade teacher.

-- William Rusch retires after 17 years with the district. He began teaching at Janesville Craig High School's alternative program, known to most as "al-pro," in 1995.

Rusch in 2003 began teaching students with emotional and behavioral disabilities and continued in that position until his retirement.

-- Tom Scalissi is retiring after 25 years. He began teaching in the Belvidere, Ill., schools in 1978. He then taught in the Parkview School District from 1979 to 1983.

He taught in Oklahoma from 1983-1985 before returning to Wisconsin. He began teaching physical education at Craig High School in 1986. He then taught phy ed at Franklin Middle School from 1988-91. He also worked at Parker High School, teaching physical education from 1991-1993, and at Edison Middle School, teaching physical education and health from 1993-1995.

Scalissi returned to Craig in 1995 teaching phy ed until his retirement.

Scalissi was an assistant football coach for 12 years, head football coach for three years, boys basketball coach for seven years and a wrestling coach for two years.

-- Janice Schenk retires after 31 years in the district. She first taught in Michigan. She came to the Janesville district in 1980, working as a reading specialist at various elementary schools for 12 years.

Schenk later taught first grade at Van Buren Elementary for 19 years. She was her department’s unit leader for 15 years.

-- Ed Stried retires after 40 years with the district. He first taught in Normal, Ill., from 1969-1972. He came to the Janesville district in 1972, where he taught English until his retirement.

Stried began teaching journalism in 1973 until the class was eliminated because of budget cuts. He was named Janesville’s Secondary Teacher of the Year in 2003 and was awarded a Kohl Fellowship, a statewide award for teaching excellence.

Stried Craig’s student newspaper, The Criterion, for 11 years and was adviser for the school’s yearbook, The Phoenix, for 30 years.

Stried was adviser for the Craig chapter of Quill & Scroll, a national honorary society for excellence in journalism, for 36 years. He also coached the golf for 12 years.

-- Angel Tullar resigned this month. She had worked for the district for 15 years as manager of employee relations. She left to work for Retirement Plan Advisors, where she plans to continue helping public-sector employees with financial retirement planning.

-- Susan E. Vinson retired before the school year started this year after 25 years with the district.

Vinson’s first job was with the Washington County Department of Social Services, where she was an institutional liaison. She was later promoted to supervisor of juvenile probation and adult services.

Vinson was a therapist for Family Services in Beloit in the late 1970s and then became a school social worker for the Beloit School District and was employed in private practice.

The Janesville School District hired Vinson for its alternative program for the severely emotionally disturbed. She has provided social-work services for a variety of elementary and secondary schools.

-- Joe Wulff retired after 35 years on the job. He began working for the district in 1977 as a custodian at the Educational Services Center.

He was promoted in 1981 to a maintenance position at the Educational Services Center.

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