Romney visit to Janesville confirmed

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012
— Mitt Romney's bus tour will stop in Janesville on Monday, a Republican source has confirmed to The Gazette.

The time and place of Romney's appearance still was not determined and probably would not be known for several days, the source said Tuesday.

The source asked not to be named because he was not authorized to speak on behalf of the campaign.

Romney likes to meet in private with local people who have been affected by what the Romney campaign calls "failed policies" of President Barack Obama, the source said.

Meetings with locals were mentioned in the Romney campaign's announcement of his Every Town Counts bus tour.

"Mitt Romney will meet with Americas families and business owners in small towns in six states," according to the announcement.

The tour begins Friday in New Hampshire. It includes stops in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa and Michigan.

In Wisconsin, Romney will see a state still fresh with a Republican victory in the June 5 gubernatorial recall election.

Republicans lost in Rock County, however. Fifty-six percent of county voters chose Democrat Tom Barrett over Republican Gov. Scott Walker. And statewide exit polls showed a majority of voters preferred Obama.

The fact that Janesville is Rep. Paul Ryan's hometown may or may not figure in Romney's plans.

Ryan's Democratic opponent in the Nov. 6 elections, Rob Zerban of Kenosha, lost no time in issuing a statement about Romney's appearance.

Zerban said Rock County's preference for Barrett and the probable win by Democrat John Lehman in a state Senate recall election in another part of the 1st District show that "Paul Ryan is struggling to survive re-election."

"Mitt Romney can try to bail out Paul Ryan, but I believe the voters of Wisconsin will throw out failed incumbents and vote for a fresh start and a better future come November," Zerban said.

Zerban might be overstating his case. Ryan holds a huge lead in fundraising and the advantages of incumbency.

Ryan's office was asked to comment but did not do so in time for The Gazette's deadline on Tuesday.

A Democratic National Committee spokesman also did not respond for a request for comment.

Last updated: 8:47 pm Thursday, December 13, 2012

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