Police: Man resists five officers, dog

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012
— Officer Craig Klementz had been on the scene only moments when someone heard a crack and saw Klementz fall to the ground.

His head bounced off the pavement.

That was the start of a Friday night melee between a Green Bay man, five Janesville police officers and one German shepherd.

Klementz needed 11 stitches, and at least one other officer had scrapes and bruises as a result of the fight, according the criminal complaint filed Monday in Rock County Court.

The dog, Janesville police department's K-9 Hardy, was punched and kicked but was not injured and did not require medical attention, Deputy Chief John Olsen said.

James B. Warfield, 34, Green Bay, was charged Monday with battery to an officer, resisting an officer, harassment of a police animal and criminal damage to property. He was in handcuffs and a restraining suit when he appeared in Rock County Court via video from jail.

Despite putting up an eight-minute fight Friday night, Warfield had caused no incidents in jail as of Monday afternoon, according to jail records. Warfield is being held on a $5,500 cash bond and is scheduled to appear Friday for an adjourned initial appearance.

Before last week, Janesville police had no contacts with Warfield, Olsen said.

Officer Karl Mikkelsen was the first to respond to a report of vandalism at 11:55 p.m. Friday at McDonald's, 1622 Milton Ave., Janesville. A manager reported that a man had thrown a "small boulder" through a 9-by-5-foot, double-paned window.

When Mikkelsen arrived, he recognized Warfield from a Thursday night traffic crash with injury, Olsen said. Warfield had been treated and released from St. Mary's Janesville Hospital, Janesville. He told police he was trying to get home to Madison, Olsen said.

Officers gave him bus tokens, Olsen said.

In court Monday, Warfield said he lives in Green Bay.

At about 6 p.m. Friday, officers had responded to a report of a suspicious person at Commercial Bank, 1400 Black Bridge Road, Janesville. Warfield was lingering in the bank lobby, Olsen said. He left without incident when police asked, Olsen said.

Outside McDonald's late Friday, Mikkelsen asked Warfield if he had smashed the window. Warfield said, "No," according to the criminal complaint filed Monday.

Klementz arrived and stood with Warfield while Mikkelsen started interviewing the McDonald's manager. Five seconds later, Mikkelsen heard the "pop" of someone getting punched in the face. He turned to see Warfield standing over Klementz.

At that time, Officer Shawn Mahaffey shot his Taser at Warfield. It stuck for a couple seconds, and the 5 foot, 9 inch, 175-pound Warfield dropped to the ground. But he kept moving and broke the electrical connection, according to the criminal complaint.

Mahaffey jumped on Warfield; Mikkelsen and Klementz shot their Tasers.

It's likely the Taser barbs got caught in Warfield's clothing or were deflected when he moved, Olsen said. Without two solid electrical connections into a person's skin, the Tasers don't issue an electrical charge, he said.

Warfield continued to ignore officers' orders to comply. Officers used knee strikes on Warfield. Mikkelsen picked up Warfield and slammed him to the ground. Warfield was able to get back on his feet.

Officers stepped back and Mahaffey called Hardy, who was waiting in Mahaffey's squad. Mahaffey commanded Hardy to bite. Before the dog could get a good grip, Warfield punched and kicked the dog. Hardy backed away, according to the criminal complaint.

Mahaffey commanded Hardy to bite Warfield a second time. Before the dog could do so, Warfield landed kicks and punches to the dog's face and body.

Officers used pepper spray and batons on Warfield, but he stayed on his feet in a boxer stance. Sgt. Todd Kleisner arrived; Warfield punched him in the chin, according to the complaint.

Warfield started walking south in the northbound lanes of Milton Avenue. A fifth officer, Corey Matoulle, arrived and shot a Taser at Warfield. Nothing happened.

Kleisner shot a Taser, the fifth of the evening. Warfield went stiff and fell to the ground.

He continued resisting while officers handcuffed him. He was arrested at 12:03 a.m., eight minutes after Mikkelsen had pulled into the parking lot.

Warfield was transported to Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center, Janesville, where he was treated and released. Officers remained at the hospital while Warfield was treated.

The incident brings the number of Janesville officers assaulted in 2012 to seven. From 2007 to 2011, between six and nine officers were assaulted per year.

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