U.S. should reduce its NATO funding

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Monday, June 4, 2012
This is among commentaries submitted to The Gazette from students at Janesvilleís Craig and Parker high schools who did field studies in either Washington, D.C., or Madison in Advanced Placement U.S. government courses taught by Joe Van Rooy.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, commonly referred to as NATO, was an alliance formed to defeat communism. Having achieved that goal, the allianceís mission has changed to protecting all members from global threats.

Today, America is the main leader of NATO. We provide the most funding, military supplies and soldiers to the alliance. Because of this, it is almost as if America is unnecessarily operating and funding two armies. Due to our nationís current economic distress, it is necessary that America cuts part of its funding to NATO.

Malou Innocent of the Cato Institute said that NATO is unique because it is the only international organization to have its own military. Because of this, NATO is able to protect its members effectively.

However, NATOís military is so heavily made up of American soldiers that itís as if other countries fight in wars at Americaís expense. This is something that Americans cannot afford. From a perspective outside of NATO, our power and influence in the organization are described as being excessive.

Dmitry Cherkashin of the Russian Embassy said that America donates too much money to an organization that doesnít positively affect us as much as it should. He agrees that the organization does positive things for the world, but one country should not have so much power or give so much funding to it.

America should cut its funding, and other countries should increase theirs in order to make NATO a truly internationally run organization.

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