Partisanship threatens nation

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Monday, June 4, 2012
This is among commentaries submitted to The Gazette from students at Janesville’s Craig and Parker high schools who did field studies in either Washington, D.C., or Madison in Advanced Placement U.S. government courses taught by Joe Van Rooy.

The world of politics has changed immensely since 9/11, and not all for the better.

After one of the most appalling days in the history of our country, we found ourselves banding together against the tyranny of terror. Presidential approval ratings skyrocketed, Congress could do no wrong, and we as a country came together and worked toward accomplishing a common goal.

The question on everybody’s lips now is, “where did we go wrong?” In the span of 11 years, we have gone from agreeing on issues to better our nation to a Senate that will not pass a budget and a speaker of the House whose sole goal is, “To do everything—and I mean everything we can do—to kill it, stop it, slow it (Obama’s agenda) down, whatever we can.”

In these hyper-partisan and politically polarized times, congressional approval rating is within spitting distance of record lows. The public’s faith in our legislative body has been shaken to the core. If our country continues heading in this direction, the future will only hold more frustration and legislative gridlock.

Wisconsin’s recall elections were unprecedented; these and the upcoming presidential election may prove to be major turning points in the history of our nation. This is a time for compromise, not confrontation; a time for cooperation, not polarization. This is a time for all Americans to come together for our country, not pull apart for the sake of a political party.

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