Group now checking rest of Rock County vote totals

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staff, Gazette
Tuesday, July 17, 2012

— A group of residents that crosschecked part of Rock County's election results for last month's gubernatorial recall election now wants to review the rest of the county's ballots in the election.

Members of the group Election Fairness had indicated they were finished with an audit in Rock County's vote totals after spending 10 hours last week hand-counting a sampling of about 5,000 paper ballots, Rock County Clerk Lori Stottler said.

The group, which says it is nonpartisan, decided Monday that it wants to do a full hand count of all 60,000 ballots cast in the county in the June 5 recall election, Stottler said.

The group submitted open records requests in all 72 Wisconsin counties to review election results in the recall election to compare results on paper ballots with results on voting machines, which many counties use to tabulate the vote totals reported to the state.

The group found no major anomalies with Rock County's vote totals in the election, Stottler said.

Stottler said her office is busy preparing its budget and for the August and November elections, but it will allow the group to schedule the rest of its audit sometime between now and the end of September.

The group has been attempting to review records for the recall election in other counties, including all 255,000 ballots cast in 61 municipalities in Dane County.

Stottler said she learned that Dane County officials have partially turned down that request, telling the group it has "failed to reasonably limit" the scope of the records it is seeking.

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