Working to stop ObamaCare in Wisconsin

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Rep. Tyler August
Saturday, January 28, 2012

Over the course of the past year, our state has seen many significant changes. From the reforms implemented by Act 10, which gave local and state government the tools to budget responsibly, to the state budget bill that closed the gap in the more than $3 billion deficit that was inherited from previous sessions, we were able to put Wisconsin on a new path.

We took a new approach. Instead of asking taxpayers of the ninth-highest taxed state in the nation to keep footing the bill for a ballooning government, we put on the brakes and put our state back on the right track. According to Chief Executive Magazine, Wisconsin moved to 24th, up from 41st in 2010, for best states to do business in. Wisconsinís improvement was the biggest jump in the nation and in the history of the magazine. In addition, 94 percent of Wisconsin CEOs think our state is now headed in the right direction.

However, we still face many challenges, especially while those in Washington continue to prolong the recession with irresponsible overspending and job-killing overregulation. In addition to the ballooning debt, the other major threat to our country is the unconstitutional ObamaCare. Although here in Wisconsin we canít force Washington to take similar action to curb the record federal debt, we can block implementation of ObamaCare, a major assault on our rights. It is imperative to not allow the overreach of the federal government to strip Wisconsinites of their constitutional rights.

Earlier this session, I voted against Assembly Bill 210, which would have set the groundwork for implementing ObamaCare in our state. I was joined by area Reps. Dave Craig, R-Big Bend, Steve Nass, R-La Grange, and Evan Wynn, R-Whitewater, in voting against the bill. Fortunately, the bill has stalled in the state Senate.

Last week, we received great news with Gov. Scott Walker announcing he is taking action to block implementation of ObamaCare in Wisconsin. Gov. Walker is rejecting a grant from the federal government to implement ObamaCare here, as well as canceling an executive order to create a health care exchange. I applaud Gov. Walker in both these measures.

Finally, I am co-authoring legislation with Rep. Craig on two bills that are part of an effort to protect taxpayers and businesses from ObamaCare, which will stifle private-market innovation as well as free-market choice in the health care sector. The first bill will prohibit the ability of state agencies from implementing ObamaCare without the Legislature first enacting authorizing legislation. The second requires state agencies to report to the Legislature annually on the cost of ObamaCare to Wisconsin taxpayers.

I was sent to Madison to advocate for smaller government and free-market principles as well as to uphold our constitutional rights. ObamaCare continues to lurk as one of the most significant threats to our top-notch health care system. Not only will implementing ObamaCare increase costs, but it will lower the quality of health care for all Americans.

Rep. Tyler August, R-Lake Geneva, represents the 32nd Assembly District. Contact him at P.O. Box 8952, Madison, WI 53708; phone (608) 266-1190; email rep.august@legis.wi.gov.

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