Stoughton Trailers planning to hire 125 workers

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Saturday, January 28, 2012
— Stoughton Trailers says it plans to hire about 125 production workers in coming months. The hires will be spread among the company’s three plants in Brodhead, Evansville and Stoughton, a spokesman said.

The company is looking mostly for assembly workers but it also needs welders and industrial painters, said company spokesman Keith Wise.

Workers from the Evansville plant who had been working in Brodhead and Stoughton are expected to return to Evansville in about three weeks, said company President Bob Wahlin.

The increase would bring the company’s total employment to about 925 by June, officials said. That’s after adding about 300 workers in 2011.

Stoughton Trailers employment peaked at around 1,600 six years ago but dropped to 250 in 2009.

Stoughton’s main product is the dry van, which is the box-and-chassis combination that makes up those box-shaped semitrailers commonly seen on the highway, Wise said.

Wahlin was quoted as saying shipping has increased, “and a lot of trucking companies are preparing for better economic times.”

Wise said it’s impossible to tell whether the increase in orders might also be due to the fact that shippers who have been keeping their old trailers longer are now being forced to replace them.

Wise said Stoughton Trailers has been responding to more requests for prices recently.

“Historically, what this tells us, when people are buying, is that their freight is increasing,” he said, but more recently, that has not always been the case.

“It’s kind of a crazy industry—a lot of ups and downs,” Wise said.

Stoughton Trailers is generally classified as the fifth-largest producer in the country, Wise said.

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