Arrival of 2012 offers chance to begin again

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Sunday, January 1, 2012
— Along with the arrival of the new calendar year typically come a variety of New Year’s resolutions.

Maybe it’s to get healthier, plan that trip of a lifetime or to make a career change.

Regardless of the commitment, there is an entire year to strive for that personal goal.

So how successful were people with their 2011 resolutions?

We asked these individuals and here’s what they had to say:

Gary Steinmetz, 60, Janesville.

What was your 2011 resolution? I was going to manage my money better, just make it a year that I was trying to do more financially for the family.

How’d that go? Very well. I opened a savings account and was able to save enough so I could do better for the grandkids for their birthdays.

What’s your 2012 resolution? Is to stay in good health, keep the finances good and see if I can do anything to help change the government. The election is coming up. I’m not happy with the way things are going. I want to make people aware their vote does count.

Sherry Porter, 61, Janesville

What was your 2011 resolution? I didn’t do anything ’cause I knew I wouldn’t keep ’em.

What’s your 2012 resolution? Don’t procrastinate and make my garden bigger.

Lawrence Hammes, 75, Janesville

What was your 2011 resolution? I don’t make any. I just don’t have any interest in them.

If you make resolutions, you’ve got to keep ’em.

Erik Scott, 37, Federal Way, Wash.

What was your 2011 resolution? I don’t know for sure, but it probably had to do with trying to find a better balance between work and life.

How’d that go? I’m still working on that.

What’s your 2012 resolution? And I will continue to work on that.

Hunter Hanthorn, 17, Janesville

What was your 2011 resolution? To get more exercise and eat better ’cause I love junk food.

How’d that go? I got a little more active ’cause I was in a couple high school musicals and dances.

What’s your 2012 resolution? To learn how to say no when people ask me to do things.

Greta Hanthorn, 11, Janesville

What was your 2011 resolution? To respect my brothers a little bit more.

How’d that go? Pretty good. We spent more time together.

What’s your 2012 resolution? To keep my room clean this year.

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