Tie delays Bloomfield results

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Margaret Plevak/Special to the Gazette
Thursday, February 9, 2012
— A tie in the race for two board members of the newly formed village of Bloomfield, and an outstanding absentee ballot, will delay some of Tuesday's election results until the end of the week.

Six candidates battled for two one-year positions on the board. Of the three with the highest vote totals, Gary Grolle received 135 votes, and Richard Olenoski and Sara Schulz each received 114 votes.

Martie Wells, Bloomfield's town clerk and acting village clerk, said one absentee ballot is still outstanding.

The absentee ballot and tie meant Kevin Kennedy, director and general counsel for Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board, had to be consulted Tuesday night.

Kennedy said Bloomfield election officials must wait until 5 p.m. Friday, the deadline for the ballot to be returned to the clerk.

The ballot might or might not break the tie, or one of the candidates may request a recount. If the tie remains, the canvassing board will determine a winner by some type of a method of chance—such as choosing straws or picking from a deck of cards.

"We're going to wait until this all shakes out," said Wells, who noted she's also facing upcoming primary and spring elections.

Sheila Reiff, who oversaw the election, said she and election officials will return at noon on Saturday to finish canvassing votes.

Other election results were determined Tuesday.

The former town of Bloomfield chairman, Ken Monroe, ran unopposed for village president, and received 285 votes, according to Wells.

William Holder and Doug Mushel were the only candidates seeking the two two-year terms on the board. Holder received 260 votes, and Mushel got 198.

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