Sexual materials lead to expulsion

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Gazette staff
Friday, April 13, 2012
— The Janesville School Board on Tuesday expelled a middle school student who was accused of possessing "sexually explicit materials."

The student is expelled through his or her 21st birthday but could apply for reinstatement starting in September.

Officials declined to describe the materials in any way.

Yolanda Cargile, director of at-risk and multicultural programs, said details are being withheld to prevent the student from being identified. Laws forbid identification of students involved in disciplinary matters.

Cargile said other students saw the materials. She said the materials were not accessed on a school computer.

To earn reinstatement, the student must get counseling and provide a mental-health assessment that says the student is "gaining insight into behaviors" and is ready to comply with school rules.

The student also must take any prescribed medication and comply with conditions of probation if placed on probation.

After reinstatement, the student would have to continue with treatment and submit to searches of his/her cell phone, locker and person. The student would have restricted use of computer technology and would be monitored for behavior, attendance and schoolwork.

This is the ninth expulsion this school year, compared with seven at this time last year.

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