United Way meets $1.3 million goal

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Thursday, April 12, 2012
— United Way of North Rock County has met its 2011 campaign goal of $1.3 million.

The amount raised is even "slightly over" goal, and "more dollars will continue to trickle in," said Ron Ochs, president.

"This is a big positive for North Rock County and all the people who are served and assisted through United Way investments," he said.

The 2011 goal was 7 percent above the $1.22 million raised during the 2010 campaign, Ochs said.

"This is not the best of economic times. We had to overcome some of those obstacles, but in the end, people felt it was important to participate and contribute to this campaign," Ochs said.

Among them were longtime United Way supporters who stepped up their giving and others who gave through new and refurbished campaigns. Ochs said "a lot of individuals" came forward.

Some company rallies created larger participation among employees.

"There was a broader-based participation in many of these campaigns that resulted in more giving," he said.

St. Mary's Janesville Hospital is an example of a new business conducting its first campaign, Ochs said.

Simmons Co. "did a great job and had a wonderful rally," he said.

The demographics of individuals who gave are widespread, Ochs said.

"We saw some retired folks that hadn't been involved in company campaigns or part of an organization," he said. "We also did a direct mail solicitation to a number of households who responded through those letters."

More than 100 volunteers under the leadership of the father-son team of David and Daniel Cullen worked hard to make the campaign successful, Ochs said.

In August, the United Way board of directors was cautious when it approved 2012-13 allocations for 37 agencies and 58 programs because it didn't know how many dollars would be raised.

Now that the goal has been reached, board members will discuss the best ways for the additional dollars to be invested in the community and how to ensure reserves are well funded, said Lynn Gardinier, board chairwoman.

Reaching the campaign goal for only the second time since 2002 is good news, Ochs said.

"We're excited," he said.

United Way of North Rock County and the Stateline United Way in January announced plans to consolidate in an effort to streamline operations.

Executive committees of both boards are working on consolidation plans, and each board will give final approval. The boards are planning to finish consolidation by the end of the year.

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