Old shoe found in wall reveals bones but few clues

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Friday, April 6, 2012
— While renovating her 100-year-old house in Walworth Township earlier this week, Pamela Ames found an old shoe with bones inside embedded in a wall.

“At first I went, ‘Oh, ick’ and then I was very concerned,” Ames said. “It was a baby shoe, and I wondered if the baby or parts of the baby were somewhere else in the walls.

“We finished that part of the job and didn’t find anything else,” she said. “I told my daughter and thought maybe the shoe could be part of a science project for my granddaughter.”

Ames’ daughter Dawn Casillas notified authorities.

“My mom brought over this shoe yesterday thinking my daughter might want it for a class project or something,” Casillas said Thursday. “I said, ‘No, Mom, that looks to me like some kind of human remains inside the shoe.’”

Casillas, who lives in Delavan, called the local police department.

“It looked to me like a human bone wrapped up in a sock and stuffed into this shoe,” she said.

Authorities believe there’s not much of a case to investigate, said Capt. Dana Nigbor of the Walworth Sheriff’s Office.

“There’s no evidence at all that a crime has been committed,” Nigbor said. “It’s doubtful the bone is a human bone, and it is obvious this is a very old shoe. There’s just not much to go on.”

Ames’ house at W6971 Brick Church Road is just down the road from the Brick Church Cemetery.

“I’m imagining all sorts of things that could connect the shoe and bone to the cemetery,” Casillas said. “But, I don’t want to go there.”

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