Local officer recognized for rescue

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Thursday, September 29, 2011
— Eric Beine was monitoring local police channels on a Thursday evening in June when he heard the call.

A wife was reporting her husband was threatening to hang himself in their home on Janesville's northeast side.

The Wisconsin State Patrol inspector rushed to the scene.

So did Janesville police.

Beine and Janesville officer Nicholas Drout entered the house together. They went to the basement, where the man was up on a ladder with a dog leash attached to ceiling supports and around his neck.

Beine said the man extended one foot into the air as officers approached.

"He was kind of hanging onto the leash, tightening it around his neck," Beine said Wednesday after receiving an award for his role in the incident.

Beine, who lives in Janesville and is assigned to Rock County, is one of 13 members of the State Patrol honored Wednesday in the agency's annual awards ceremony at the state Capitol.

The awards were for courageous action and exceptional service. Beine received a ribbon for the agency's Lifesaving Award.

Beine said Drout deserves an award as well.

"We both kind of went for his torso because he's a bigger guy," Beine recalled. "I was able to get the leash in a position where I just forced it over his head.

The man continued trying to strangle himself as the officers tried to stop him, according to a Janesville police report.

"He was crying, and of course we were verbalizing with him to stop, 'don't do it,' that kind of thing," Beine said.

The man resisted as officers took him to the floor. A second Janesville officer arrived and helped take him into custody. The man was shaking, crying and saying "let me go home," according to a Janesville police report.

Later, officers learned the man had a history of depression and was despondent about a death in the family and other family matters. He was treated at Mercy Hospital and Trauma Center.

Beine said it's a normal thing for officers to back up each other, no matter their jurisdictions,

"We all kind of monitor each other's frequencies in case someone needs help," Beine said.

"This was one of those cases where Janesville and State Patrol, we show time and time again the good working relationship we have," Beine said. "There are a lot of times when they come and back us up, and we come and back them up. It's just the perfect working relationship, and this is the perfect example of that."

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