Alternatives to cutting Beloit police and fire could be costly

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Kyle Geissler
Thursday, September 29, 2011

Despite job cuts and service reductions, Beloit City Manager Larry Arft says his proposed budget aims to maintain services in 2012 and keep city facilities open.

The police and fire departments could lose a total of 12 positions. Arft is providing some options if the city council wants to protect public safety from cuts, but programs might have to be eliminated.

The exemption of public safety employees from a state budget requirement to contribute to health care and pensions is one of the reasons police and fire are taking a harder hit in the Beloit city budget.

The city is working on new contracts with its unionized employees.

Arft says the taxpayers benefit from the budget because the city is restricted when it comes to tax increases.

The proposed budget also includes increases to trash and transit fees.

The Beloit City Council will be studying the budget during upcoming workshop meetings and will get a formal presentation on the budget Monday.

Last updated: 6:14 pm Thursday, December 13, 2012

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