School board closes doors to talk about teachers contract

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Thursday, September 8, 2011
— The Janesville School Board has scheduled a special closed meeting for Friday morning “to consider options related to potential negotiations” with the teachers union.

It’s “not a big deal,” school board President Bill Sodemann said Wednesday night.

The board had been hoping the union would negotiate concessions that would save money to help the board close its budget deficits for this year and next year.

The Janesville Education Association’s executive board dashed those hopes Aug. 29, voting not to consider reopening the contract.

There has been no contact with union officials to prompt Friday’s meeting, Sodemann said, and it still looks as though the board’s earlier overture to the union is “not going to go anywhere.”

“There are some ideas that are being discussed, and we are going to discuss them and see if we want to talk about them further,” Sodemann said.

“We will review where we are at and what if any final steps can be taken,” Sodemann added.

Also: “We had our attorney look at something in the contract we were not sure about, and we’ll summarize results of that,” said Sodemann, who would not elaborate.

The board faces a budget gap of about $2.1 million this year and a projected $9 million next year.

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