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Things you’ll need to know about Janesville leaf collection

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Catherine W. Idzerda
Monday, October 31, 2011
— The city of Janesville begins its annual leaf pickup Monday, Nov. 7.

It takes crews about two weeks to cover the city’s 220 miles of streets, avenues, roads, lanes, courts, trails and circles.

Cullen Slapak, assistant parks director, oversees leaf pickup. He offered residents these tips to help make the process easier on everybody.

1.Not too soon. Leaves should be pushed into the street as close to the pickup date as possible. It’s best to rake the leaves a little way out from the curb. This keeps the leaves from being pushed back up on the terrace by the collection equipment.

If it rains, the area between the leaves and the curb line allows the water to flow unimpeded into the storm sewer.

2. Sweeping objections. If at all possible, don’t park your car in the street on your leaf pickup day. Crews use a “pusher” with a broom to propel the leaves into a pan mounted on the front of another truck. It’s essentially a larger version of the broom and dustpan we use at home.

Keeping your car off the street makes it easier for crews to pick up leaves—and they’ll be able to do a better job, too.

3. Yellow and orange to red hot. Here’s another reason not to park your car on top of a pile of leaves.

If it’s been a dry fall, the heat from your catalytic converter can start the leaves on fire.

The resulting fire would be embarrassing to explain to your insurance agent.

4. Scheduled pickups. Crews will only go by your house once. Make sure you have your leaves out by the scheduled day. If crews are running behind, they might arrive a day or two late. But they won’t arrive early—and they won’t come again.

5. Leaf leavings. After leaf pickup, you can’t rakes leaves back into the street. Leaves can be bagged up and taken to the compost site on Black Bridge Road. The city will also pick up leaves, grass clippings and garden debris the week of Nov. 28.

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