Health researchers visiting Rock County

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Thursday, October 27, 2011
— Health researchers from UW-Madison are in Rock County and seeking to interview 72 randomly selected households in Janesville and Rock Township through the end of November.

The Survey of the Health of Wisconsin is a statewide research project that meets with residents to measure their overall health. The results go into a database to monitor state residents’ health and help guide community and statewide health services.

Janesville and Rock Township study participants will be interviewed in their homes and later have some brief physical measurements taken at SHOW’s Mobile Survey Center. All individual information collected is kept confidential.

The study started in 2008 with a small sampling of households, while 2009 was the first year researchers gathered significant data. Since then, SHOW researchers have visited Rock County eight times.

SHOW surveyors will knock on doors of random households to complete an in-person survey. SHOW combines personal interviews, lab tests, physical measurements and community environmental measures for its information.

All adults ages 21 to 74 years old in selected households are eligible. Researchers say more than half of eligible participants take part in at least some of the study, spokeswoman Mary Farrell Stieve said. Each participant represents 3,000 other people, she said.

The study is split into three parts, each taking a little more than an hour, she said.

“Over the course of about a month, they’ll have given us a little over four hours of time,” she said.

By year’s end, researchers will have enough data to make statements about st ate residents’s health. It will take a few more years before enough Rock County data is gathered to release information, she said.

Information compiled by SHOW will be available to researchers interested in statewide public health issues.

SHOW is funded by the National Institutes of Health’s Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and by the University of Wisconsin’s Partnership for a Healthy Future.

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