UW-Rock County, UW-Whitewater following UW System's rules on guns

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Gazette staff
Thursday, October 20, 2011

UW-Rock County and UW-Whitewater officials are ready for Wisconsin's new concealed-carry law.

The two campuses have adopted the UW System's policy that continues to ban guns from university buildings and events on or off campus.

The rules mean any student, employee or visitor with a license to carry a firearm or other weapon can keep it in his or her personal vehicle. People may not carry weapons into campus buildings or to special events, according to the UW-Rock County news release.

The law won't change things at UW-Rock County, said Kim Kostka, interim campus executive officer and dean.

"The rules are pretty simple," Kostka wrote in a news release. "We've long had a policy of no weapons on campus."

Concerns should be reported to police, UW-Whitewater Chancellor Richard Telfer wrote in a campus announcement.

"If you suspect or see that someone is carrying a weapon in any campus facility, your only appropriate action is to call 911," Telfer wrote.

Here are the rules that are the same for both schools:

-- By Tuesday, Nov. 1, signs prohibiting weapons must be prominently displayed near every entrance to every building.

-- All university-organized events must be posted with signs banning weapons.

-- University employees or volunteers may not carry weapons while doing university work on or off campus. That stands even if the employee or volunteer is licensed to carry a weapon.

-- University-owned vehicles may not be used to carry or store weapons.

-- Students, employees or visitors licensed to carry weapons must keep them in their vehicles on campus parking lots.

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