Janesville school pay frozen for some, upped for others

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011
— The Janesville School Board voted 6-3 Tuesday to freeze pay for administrators this year but to give a flat dollar increase of $690 to 53 other non-union employees.

The same vote allowed $10,000 for bonuses to certain principals and other administrators for superior performance.

About 109 employees are not in unions. Some are administrators. Superintendent Karen Schulte had proposed a 3 percent increase in spending on pay for this group but met with resistance from the board at an earlier meeting.

Schulte proposed smaller increases in advance of this meeting, and she got part of what she asked for.

Schulte had asked for a $690 increase for all administrators at the end of the year if the budget contained enough surplus. The board rejected that recommendation.

The increases for the 53 non-administrators add up to $36,570.

Voting against the expenditures were DuWayne Severson, Bill Sodemann and Kevin Murray.

Severson noted that the board still has not balanced this year’s budget and is facing a deficit in the millions of dollars in 2012-13.

“It’s totally incomprehensible we’re going to do this,” Severson said, noting that he was in the minority. “I don’t get it. We don’t have the money.”

Board member Lori Stottler said the board had committed to a system of measuring administrators’ performance and rewarding those who do well, and the board should keep that promise.

Another group, the computer-service workers, had been targeted for pay increases because they are said to have taken on duties that are above their pay grade. Schulte said the board would take this issue up in closed session.

Schulte said the discussion had to be kept from public view because the board would discuss workers by name.

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