"Skill's Gap" hampers Rock County unemployed

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Stan Stricker
Monday, October 10, 2011

Southwest Wisconsin Workforce Development Board CEO Bob Borremans says the "skills gap" is a growing concern. Borremans says the concern is 21st century jobs need different levels of skills than what's been seen historically.

He says many of the long term unemployed are finding themselves unqualified to do their old job for a new company. Ironically, this could apply to a whole group of local workers, on the slim chance the Janesville General Motor's plant would ever reopen. Borremans says he recently read an article describing how in the auto industry, workers no longer perform the same functions day in and day out, but are required to be proficient at a variety of skills.

An answer is for workers to freshen up communication and computer skills. The "gap" has become so common, many Wisconsin employers are reporting jobs are going unfilled, and business growth restricted, because workers with the proper skills are unavailable.

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