Milton school history club gets stuck in historic New England storm

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011
— A group of Milton students traveling for a school history club trip got caught in a snowstorm for the history books.

About 95 Milton High School students were returning from a trip to visit historical sites in Boston, Mass., on Saturday afternoon when they found themselves in the middle of the snowstorm that raged across New England over the weekend.

The group, which included about 15 chaperones and was split up in two charter buses, had planned to travel all night Saturday and arrive in Milton at mid-day Sunday.

Milton High School Principal Jeremy Bilhorn said the group made it as far as Lee, Mass., on Interstate 90 near the Massachusetts/New York state border when conditions became too treacherous to continue.

By then, the storm had dumped close to 20 inches of snow, and more was falling, said Bilhorn, who was in Wisconsin but communicated with chaperones throughout the storm.

He said students used Internet-equipped cell phones to communicate bus to bus and to find a motel near Lee that had 35 vacancies.

The group stayed at the motel overnight and got back on the road Sunday when the storm had begun to let up.

Bilhorn said the group got off the road Saturday just a few hours before New York and Massachusetts officials shut down many major highways.

The group got back about 4 a.m. Monday.

Bilhorn said the students were given an excused absence so they could sleep in, although some began filtering into school after lunch Monday.

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