46 dogs seized from home near Albany

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Gazette staff
Friday, May 27, 2011
— Green County sheriff’s deputies Wednesday afternoon arrested four adults on suspicion of mistreating animals and seized 46 dogs from a home near Albany, according to a news release.

According to the sheriff’s office news release:

The sheriff’s office executed a search warrant at N4651 County F, about three miles south of Albany. The purpose was to investigate reports that the occupants were raising a large number of Great Dane dogs in the home, that the home was unsanitary and that human and animal health were at risk.

Seven similar complaints had been made to the sheriff’s office since February 2010, but authorities had been unable to develop enough probable cause to search the home. A recent event reported to the sheriff’s office provided probable cause for a search warrant.

Deputies found 46 dogs in the home, including five mixed breed dogs and 41 dogs that appeared to be purebred Great Danes. Twelve were puppies.

A veterinarian examined the animals, and authorities determined that based on space and sanitation that the health of the animals and the residents was at risk.

The Green County Humane Society transported all of the dogs to sites where the animals have food, room and adequate sanitary conditions.

Four residents of the home were arrested on misdemeanor charges of mistreating animals: Allyson J. Williams, 24; Melissa Harrel, 57; Kathy J. Williams, 54; and Donavan F. Williams, 45.

The Green County Humane Society will house the dogs as long as necessary for evidentiary purposes.


The Green County Humane Society is seeking donations to buy food for the Great Danes seized by authorities from a rural Albany home Wednesday.

Great Danes have special dietary needs, including food with limited protein.

For more information, contact Rachel Schardt at rachelschardt@gmail.com or Tracey Pederson at pederson.tracy@gmail.com.

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