Generational confrontational: An ode to NY-26

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Rick Horowitz
Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy Democrats,

Scrappy Democrats:

Triumph in upstate New York!

Plucky Democrats,

Lucky Democrats,

Laughing and popping the cork.

Win with Medicare,

Spin with Medicare—

Fear into ballot-box gold.

Plea for Medicare,

Key for Medicare:

Ev'ryone's gonna get old!

Sad Republicans,

Mad Republicans,

Thought they could split us in half.

Bold Republicans

Told Republicans,

"This is the way!" (What a laugh!)

New requirements,

True: Requirements

Fine if you've turned 55.

Or requirements

(More requirements!)

Lurk there to eat you alive.

Great for selfishness,

Bait for selfishness:

Toss all the kids overboard!

Only selfishness—

Lonely selfishness—

Lets the young oxen be gored.

Flustered citizens

Mustered citizens,

Came to the polls in a huff.

Worried citizens

Hurried citizens,

Said to Paul Ryan, "Enough!"

Brand-new confidence,

Grand new confidence,

Look at that spring in their step!

Spry with confidence,

High with confidence:

Here's a fresh Democrat rep!

Happy Democrats,

Scrappy Democrats:

Victory! Raise high the cup!

Plucky Democrats,

Lucky Democrats—

How can they screw this one up?

Rick Horowitz is a syndicated columnist. You can write to him at rickhoro@execpc.com

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