Probation ordered in marijuana case

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Darryl Enriquez
Tuesday, May 24, 2011
— A Genoa City man who unwittingly called police looking for his missing marijuana was sentenced Monday to two years probation.

Michael Schilz, 22, in September 2009 could not find the four outdoor marijuana plants that police say were growing near his home.

Instead, Schilz found a note:

ďThanks for the bud!! If you want it back, letís make a deal.Ē

Schilz didnít suspect the phone number on the note was a line to the Walworth County Drug Unit. Dialing the number led him to a felony charge of drug manufacturing.

Schilz pleaded guilty Monday to the felony and a companion charge of possessing marijuana. His sentenced also requires that he perform 60 hours of community service as a condition of probation and pay $500 fines for each charge.

Schilz declined an offer from Walworth County Judge Robert Kennedy to address the court prior to sentencing.

Schilzí defense lawyer indicated that his client might attempt to have the felony conviction expunged under the youthful offender program after he completes probation.

Kennedy warned Schilz that he had better stay out of trouble if he has any hope of expunging the felony from his record.

According to a criminal complaint:

A drug unit member went to a marijuana-growing site in Bloomfield Township and spotted eight plants. When he returned a few days later, four plants remained, so he uprooted the remaining marijuana and planted the note.

About three weeks later, Schilz left eight messages on the drug unitís answering machine. Investigators report the calls came from a home about 50 yards from the grow site. When an investigator called back, he recognized Schilzí voice and told him why he was calling.

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