Jailed man wants to attend wife’s out-of-state funeral

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Darryl Enriquez
Tuesday, May 10, 2011
— A Tennessee truck driver accused of killing his father-in-law while driving under the influence of a painkiller asked a judge Monday to release him from jail so he can attend his wife’s funeral.

Lawyers for William A. Cobb, 48, of Lewisburg, Tenn., told Walworth County Judge Robert Kennedy that Cobb’s wife had come to Walworth County after learning of her husband’s legal troubles and her father’s death.

It was not immediately clear what caused the death of Cobb’s wife, but it appeared to be natural causes. The funeral in Tennessee could be as soon as Wednesday.

Cobb was charged Friday with the death of Gene E. Moshier of Tennessee, who flew into the front window of the semitrailer tractor Cobb was driving when the truck struck an embankment April 27 in Geneva Township.

Kennedy was reluctant to grant Cobb’s request, but he set a hearing for this afternoon to continue the matter and give the Walworth County District Attorney’s Office time to formulate a response.

Authorities reported they found a fetanyl patch on Cobb’s body. Fetanyl is a painkiller that’s reportedly more powerful than morphine.

Police say Cobb told them that the patch was prescribed for his wife and that he took one.

A lawyer for Cobb told Kennedy that the company Cobb drives for performed its own blood test on Cobb after the wreck. The test showed Cobb was not under the influence of any substance, the lawyer said.

Moshier had been sleeping in the cab’s berth but got on his feet just as Cobb struck a guardrail, police say Cobb told them. Moshier did not completely penetrate through the windshield, according to a criminal complaint.

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