Delany: Cornhuskers the Packers of Big Ten

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Associated Press
Thursday, May 5, 2011
— Jim Delany calls the Nebraska Cornhuskers the Green Bay Packers of the Big Ten.

The Big Ten commissioner said Wednesday that the Big Ten’s attraction to Nebraska went beyond geography and a shared culture with member schools.

“It’s really about the games,” Delany said. “We’re not the NFL, but the NFL has a very small-market team, Green Bay, and their games are national games, and everything they do is followed. The Nebraska brand has developed in such a way as other names like Oklahoma, Texas, Southern Cal. It’s one of those programs.”

Delany said he couldn’t be more pleased about the move.

“We knew it would be good, but we couldn’t imagine that the receptivity in our region and here in Nebraska would have been at such a high level,” he said. “I haven’t heard a negative thing from fans, coaches, administrators, presidents, everybody.”

-- Delany said he doubts Omaha’s 18,000-seat Qwest Center will be added to the rotation for the Big Ten men’s basketball tournament. He said the Big Ten wants to build a strong tradition for the tournament in Chicago and Indianapolis and that moving the event around would not help.

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