UW Regents fight plan to separate UW-Madison from system

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Stan Stricker
Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A UW Regent brings a message of system unity to the UW-Rock County campus.

The Board of Regents is pushing to prevent UW-Madison from breaking away from the system. During a public information stop Wednesday at UW-Rock County, Regent John Drew openly placed the blame for the proposal on Governor Walker.

Drew led a discussion about the merits of an alternative to the governor's "New Badger Partnership", with the regents' "Wisconsin Idea Partnership". WIP suggests more individual flexibility for each campus, including Madison, could help deal with the fiscal challenges, Drew says have been increasing for years.

UW-Rock County Dean Diane Pillard endorses the "Wisconsin Idea Partnership", saying it can preserve student accessibility, system collaboration, affordability, and accountability.

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