Local vote totals change in Supreme recount

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011
— Justice David Prosser gained 10 votes in the recount of Rock County ballots for the state Supreme Court race. Challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg, meanwhile, gained 47 votes.

Rock County Clerk Lori Stottler said those are the preliminary results of the local recount of the April 2 vote. The recount was completed Monday.

Statewide, Prosser held a 7,316-vote lead over challenger Kloppenburg before the recount began Wednesday.

As of Monday afternoon, the state Government Accountability Board reported 1,942 of 3,602 precincts had been recounted statewide.

The votes in those recounted precincts amounted to 376,308 for Prosser and 341,171 for Kloppenberg.

Stottler said no additional ballots were discovered in the Rock County recount. The number of ballots cast remained the same, 37,345. But on 57 of those ballots, the votes in the Supreme Court race were not registered in the original count.

Fifty-one of the changes were on absentee ballots, Stottler said. In those cases, votes were not counted because the voter failed to heed the warning on the ballot that states they must use a black pen or No. 2 pencil.

The recounters also discovered six ballots in which the voters wrote in Kloppenberg’s name rather than vote for her on the line provided, so those votes were not originally counted, Stottler said.

Most precincts where errors were found had only one or two changes, Stottler said. Orfordville had the most with seven.

Stottler said the problem in Orfordville might have been that the voting machine was not properly calibrated, so it was not reading votes correctly.

The Orfordville village clerk has already called the manufacturer to check the machine before it is used again, Stottler said.

Stottler estimated the local recount will cost no more than $2,000. She attributed the low cost to volunteers who donated many hours to the effort.

Fifteen of the volunteers gave up six straight days, “and to me that’s just simply amazing,” Stottler said.

Government Accountability Board spokesman Reid Magney said the town of Larrabee in Waupaca County discovered 68 votes for Kloppenburg and one vote for Prosser. County Clerk Mary Robbins said town officials simply didn’t record the votes.

Before the recount, Prosser held a 182-vote lead, 252-70, in Larrabee. After the recount, he held a 115-vote edge, 253-138.

The Walworth County clerk’s office reports that the recount there could take two more days.

The recount is supposed to be completed by May 9.

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