Elkhorn candidates say they can help city

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Darryl Enriquez
Monday, March 21, 2011
— Political newcomer Jerry J. Anderson is campaigning to defeat Alderman Eric Messerschmidt, who says he’s beginning to get his political feet underneath him.

Messerschmidt was appointed by the city council last July to replace Howard Reynolds, who was elected mayor last spring. He had no experience in holding public office.

Anderson said he’s attracted to the office because he wants to “help out”

The men are running for a two-year term in District 1. The salary for this year is $3,840 with an expense account of $105 per month.

“I could make a difference,” Anderson said.

He offers to bring a fresh mind and common sense to the table.

Messerschmidt has a similar motive for campaigning to stay in office.

“I want what’s best for the city and its people,” Messerschmidt said.

That would be in the form of jobs, businesses and spending limits, he said.

“I’m just getting rolling,” Messerschmidt said.

The new state budget and its impact on local spending are among Anderson’s concerns. On the local level, Anderson said he wants the city to close the deteriorating swimming pool at Sunset Park. He suggested that Elkhorn Lake in Babe Mann Park be reopened for swimming. Pool lifeguards should be reassigned to the lake, he said.

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