More Janesville teacher cuts detailed

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Saturday, March 19, 2011
— Superintendent Karen Schulte will suggest even more teacher cuts as a way out of the district’s financial crisis.

Sixty-eight teachers-union members would lose their jobs if the Janesville School Board approved every cut on Schulte’s list. That’s in addition to 50.9 teaching positions that are on a separate list of cuts for purely enrollment reasons.

Schulte previously suggested 45.5 support-staff cuts that included teachers. But teachers asked for more details, she said, and then it became apparent she would have to find more reductions to balance the budget.

Schulte wrote about the cuts in a recent memo to affected staff members:

“I am planning to suggest to the board on March 31, 2011, layoffs to all of our learning- support teachers, program-support teachers, library media specialists, reading and writing specialists and guidance counselors. If approved by the board, each member in these groups would receive a layoff notice.”

Each of those 68 positions is a licensed educator, although they do not have daily classroom teaching duties.

They are, however, key to district efforts to improve test scores by working with small groups of students on key skill sets, Schulte has said.

The state requires that the district employ just one counselor and one library media specialist, Schulte said.

“I will continue to look for reductions in other areas over spring break,” Schulte wrote to the teachers.

Schulte has said she wants alternative ways of saving money in order to avoid as many staff cuts as possible.

Schulte faces a daunting task. She needs to find over $13 million in cuts, which represents an 11 percent reduction over the current year’s budget.

“How grim is it going to get, I don’t know, but I know I need to bring the board solutions, and we’re going to have to reduce much, much more than we ever dreamed,” Schulte said Friday.

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