Delavan to debate bids to dredging lake

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Saturday, March 5, 2011
— The good news is the low bid is the lowest in a year of bid openings.

The bad news is it’s still higher than the town of Delavan intended to spend to dredge the Delavan Lake inlet.

The town on Thursday opened two bids. It was the fourth bid opening the town has had in its attempt to meet a $1.05 million estimate.

Town Administrator John Olson said the town can be confident the project is going to cost more than the estimate.

“I think that we can say after four times we are not going to find a lower price,” Olson said.

The bids this week came in at $1.63 million, $1.74 million and $1.46 million. The low bid was from JND Thomas of Riverdale, Calif.

The town opened the first round of bids in February 2010. In four rounds, the town has opened a total of eight bids. The prices range from a low of $1.46 million to a high of $3.29 million, according to town documents.

The town board has indicated this would be the last round of bids, Olson said.

The next decision will be whether the project is worth $411,000 more than planned or whether the town should go another route to address sediment build-up in the inlet.

The Town of Delavan Lake Committee could start the debate Tuesday night. The town board could vote on the project at its Tuesday, March 15, meeting, Olson said.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in July issued a permit for the project, which the town had expected to start at that time, according to the DNR’s environmental analysis of the project.

The town is proposing to dredge a 3,000-foot navigation channel in the lake’s inlet, the analysis states.

The majority of the project area would be dredged to a maximum depth of 5 feet or hard bottom—whichever comes first, the analysis states. The project would remove 45,000 cubic feet of sediment.

The inlet was partially dredged in 1989. Despite ongoing efforts to protect the lake, the sediment depth in 2008 was between 2 and 5 feet. About 56 percent of the water in the inlet was displaced by sediment at that time, the analysis states.

The quality of the aquatic life in the inlet is poor, the analysis states. The sediment build-up reduces the ability of the inlet to trap sediment and keep it out of the body of the lake.

Delavan Lake has a history of excessive algal growth. Recreational use and aesthetic value has been limited by poor water quality, the analysis states.

By the numbers

The town of Delavan four times has solicited bids for Delavan Lake inlet dredging job. The town Thursday opened the most recent bids. The original estimate for the project was $1.05 million. Here’s the bidding history:

-- February 2010—$1.54 million

-- April 2010—$1.89 million and $3 million

-- November 2010—$2 million and $3.29 million

-- March 2010—$1.63 million, $1.74 million and $1.46 million

If you go

What: Special meeting of the Town of Delavan Lake Committee

When: 5 p.m. Tuesday

Where: Delavan Town Hall, 5621 Town Hall Road, Delavan.

Details: The committee could make a recommendation on whether the town should accept a bid to dredge the Delavan Lake inlet. The town’s committee on the whole could talk about the project Monday night but will not take action.

On the Web: To see the agendas, visit townof


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