Janesville manager would take pay cut

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Gazette staff
Wednesday, March 2, 2011
— City Manager Eric Levitt would pay 5.8 percent of his salary toward his retirement if changes in state law require other public employees to make a similar contribution, according to a change made to his contract Monday.

Levitt had asked the council to open his contract so he would pay the same percentage into his pension as others if Gov. Scott Walker's budget repair bill becomes law.

"I just thought it was only fair," Levitt said Tuesday. "A lot of people are going to feel the effects harder."

City employees covered by a union would not be affected by Walker's legislation because all four of the city's unions have signed two-year agreements. Firefighters and police officers are not covered by Walker's legislation.

The council met in closed session after Monday's regular meeting and approved the change to Levitt's contract.

The city now pays both the employer and employee shares of Levitt's retirement payments. Levitt figures the contract modification would cost him about $8,000 if the state law changes.

After the change, Levitt's contract reads that if state law changes, the city's contribution to Levitt's retirement would equal the percentage it pays for other employees, in this case 5.8 percent.

Levitt is the only non-union city employee who has a contract.

Levitt's regular performance review will be in June or July.

Janesville schools Superintendent Karen Schulte and the school board reopened the superintendent's contract Feb. 22 to make a similar change.

Schulte would pay more for her pension and health insurance if Walker's bill becomes law.

Walker's budget repair bill would require state workers to pay half of their pension contributions and 12.6 percent of their health insurance premiums.

Schulte would begin paying for those amounts if state law changes.

"If it does come down (from the state), she wants to make sure that it starts at the top and that she pays that," school board President Bill Sodemann said at the time.

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