Agreement reached on fire contract

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Kevin Hoffman
Tuesday, March 1, 2011
— Lake Geneva and the town of Geneva have agreed to a new fire protection contract, ending months of negotiations that already led the township to go elsewhere for ambulance services.

The Lake Geneva City Council unanimously approved the two-year contract Monday. Because the city added one final provision in the agreement, it could still require final review by the Geneva Town Board, Lake Geneva City Attorney Daniel Draper said.

Draper believed Geneva’s attorney would agree to the revision.

“This is the proposal we’re offering,” Draper said. “Either they can accept it or they don’t have to accept it. By us approving it, they still have to sign off on it as well. Otherwise, we don’t have an agreement.”

In the contract:

Geneva will pay a $20,000 annual retainer for fire services.

Lake Geneva will levy an additional $1,000 fee per response, which is reduced to $500 for false alarms.

Geneva pays $4,500 for annual inspections.

Added to the contract by Lake Geneva is a provision that the city will “hot key” calls from residents outside the coverage area. That means those calls will be forwarded to Walworth County dispatch to contact the appropriate fire unit.

Geneva and Lake Geneva’s emergency services agreement expired at the end of last year. Geneva signed with private contractor Paratech for ambulance coverage, and Lake Geneva has been providing the township with fire protection while the two negotiated a new deal.

The deal with Paratech runs through 2013, Geneva Town Chairman Dan Lauderdale said. He said the company covers more ground than Lake Geneva and provides services to Geneva National Resort, which was previously assisted by Elkhorn, at no extra cost.

The new agreement expires at the end of 2012, but the contract contains an “opt-out” clause that allows either party to void the deal after the first year.

Draper said that could allow either community to re-evaluate terms if problems arise over the next nine months.


Lake Geneva Mayor Jim Connors on Monday said he will present a list of candidates by May for appointment to an ad-hoc committee assigned to review transient rentals in Lake Geneva.

The council in February narrowly approved developing the committee instead of passing a resolution clarifying language in its ordinance restricting transient rentals.

Connors said if the candidates are named in May, a committee might be established by June.

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