Beloit lawyer suspended for 60 days over blog comments

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David Brazy
Saturday, June 25, 2011
— The Wisconsin Supreme Court suspended a Beloit lawyer’s license Friday for comments she made on a personal blog.

Kristine A. Peshek’s license to practice law in Wisconsin will be suspended for 60 days beginning July 25. Her license also was suspended for 60 days in Illinois in 2010.

Both suspensions stem from comments Peshek made on a blog she ran from June 2007 to April 2008.

According to court documents:

Peshek wrote confidential information about her clients and also made derogatory statements about Illinois judges. Peshek included enough information to identify the clients and judges she was blogging about.

She also blogged that one of her clients lied to a judge about being on drugs during a hearing, but later told Peshek he or she was actually using. Peshek was reprimanded for not informing the judge about the incident.

Peshek’s defense attorney urged the court to take into account the fact Peshek was writing the blog to help relieve stress after being punched in the face by one of her clients during a trial. Peshek suffered a concussion from the attack and was not allowed to discontinue service for the client who struck her.

Peshek currently is a partner at Peshek & Rabbitt, Beloit. A spokesperson for the company said the Supreme Court decision was disciplinary action based on events that occurred in Illinois more than three years ago.

The spokesperson declined further comment.

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