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Potty training workshop set for June 30

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Catherine W. Idzerda
Thursday, June 23, 2011
— Everybody poops.

Now, before you call the Gazette, angrily demanding that references to doo-doo, No. 2 or poo should be eliminated—ha-ha—from the newspaper, keep in mind this story is about potty training.

The Walworth County UW-Extension Family Living program is offering "Potty Training without Tears."

Along with 90 minutes of class instruction, parents and caregivers get a children's book about potty training, such as the reassuring "Everybody Poops" by Taro Gomi. Also available are potty training books from celebrities such as Mr. Rogers, Elmo or Dora the Explorer.

"It's a developmental stage that parents struggle with," said Jenny Wehmeier, the family living agent who is teaching the class.

Most parents are surrounded by well-meaning relatives who tell them, "You were potty trained at 14 months."

But a variety of factors influence when kids are ready to learn to use the toilet, Wehmeier said. For example, children with older siblings are often ready to be potty trained at an earlier age.

Wehmeier asks parents to consider the following before launching into any potty training routine:

-- Can the child do the physical activities needed such as pulling his or her pants up or down?

-- Can the child identify what he or she did such as "I went potty."

-- Can the child communicate the need to go? Wehmeier describes this as "body recognition"

-- Does the child show an interest in the potty, such as showing an interest in flushing?

It's also important that potty training isn't just another activity jammed into an already hectic schedule.

"Sometimes parents aren't ready themselves," Wehmeier said. "They might want to get their child potty trained before a vacation or because a new siblings is arriving. But you want to do potty training when there's the least amount going on in your life."

What: "Potty Training Without Tears" workshop, offered by the UW Extension, Walworth County.
When: 9:30-11 a.m. Thursday, June 30. The advance registration date is June 28.
Where: East Troy Village Hall, 2015 Energy Drive, East Troy. Registrations are accepted at the Extension office at the Walworth County Government Center, 100 W. Walworth St., Elkhorn.
Cost: $8. The price includes a children's book about potty training.
For more information or to register: Call Jenny Wehmeier at (262) 741-4962 or email Registrations are accepted by mail or at the Extension office.

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