School officials deny existence of boys' sex club

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Friday, June 17, 2011
— A private school implicated in a criminal case against a local minister stated Thursday that a sex club never existed at the school and the defendant had no official capacity at the school, a letter from its board of directors said.
[Download the letter HERE.]

Joseph R. Fultz, 46, of 103 Prairie Drive, Walworth, is charged with five misdemeanor counts of failing to report child abuse or neglect.

Six boys, ages 5 to 12, engaged in sex acts at Faith Christian School, at a Fontana resort, at Fultz's home and at his church between 2009 and March 30, according to a Walworth County criminal complaint.

Fultz was required by law to report the incidents to Walworth County authorities for further investigation, according to the complaint.

Fultz at the time was pastor of Grace Evangelical Free Church in Walworth. He has since resigned.

"The board and administration are confident that when all of the facts are revealed, not only will it be clear that Faith Christian has acted responsibly, but that the students of Faith Christian remain safe from harm," the letter states.

School officials knew of only one incident in which two 5-year-olds touched each other inappropriately in the bathroom during a break, the letter states.

Fultz's connection to the school was that his son was a student, but the minister was never assigned to conduct any investigation, the letter states.

According to the complaint, Fultz pulled children out of class at Faith Christian to question them about an incident.

"There are absolutely no allegations that any adults were involved in any sexual activities, nor that there was any child abuse/neglect that occurred at Faith Christian School," the letter states.

According to the complaint:

A number of the boys talked about joining "The Wiener Club" while engaged in sex acts at the resort. One of those boys also was involved in sex incidents in bathrooms at the school, the church and Fultz's home.

The mother of a Faith Christian boy told authorities that Fultz talked with children at Faith Christian about the repeated incidents and told them not to tell anyone.

Fultz acknowledged in April during police questioning that he knew the children who were involved in what the complaint describes as sexual assaults.

If he is found guilty on all counts, Fultz faces a sentence of up to 30 months in jail.

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