And they had such hopes!

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Rick Horowitz
Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pakistan arrests five who helped CIA track down Osama bin Laden.

U.S.-Pakistan relationship deteriorating.

Ripped from the headlines

Dear P,

I never thought Iíd be writing you a letter like this, but I have to face the facts: This isnít working out.

It makes me really sad to have to say those words -- Iíve tried to deny it for the longest time, but I canít pretend any longer. Whatever we once had is gone. I canít tell you exactly when it happened. (Maybe you donít know either.) But I know it when I see it, and all the signs are there.

Weíre not partners anymore.

Weíve been together nearly 10 years now -- everybody was so surprised when it happened! And even though we were kind of pushed into each otherís arms by tragedy, I really thought we had something that would last. (And no, it wasnít just your nukes that attracted me!)

We may not have had a lot in common -- different cultures, different religions and all the rest -- but I honestly believed we could make a go of it. I guess I was wrong.

The things I think are most important, you donít even care about. Oh, you go through the motions, and you say all the right things -- ďYour concerns are my concerns,Ē you say. ďYour terrorists are my terroristsĒ -- but when it comes to what you actually do about them, itís all a big nothing.

A relationship has to be based on trust. And weíve lost that.

There are things I say to you in confidence, things that really matter to me, and the next thing I know, every word is out there, and everybody knows all about it! So then I start keeping secrets -- not because I want to, but because I have to -- and when you find out afterwards, you get all upset about it. You say Iím the one who doesnít trust you!

But how can I? And why should I, when I donít even know where your loyalties are! Am I the most important relationship to you, or not?

I thought youíd be ecstatic when you heard I got rid of bin Laden for you. (OK, and for me, too.) He was such a problem for you, you always said. ďIf only we could find him!Ē

So then I found him, right in your own backyard, and I gave him exactly what he deserved, and were you happy? Not a bit! You acted like Iíd betrayed you -- and then you took it out on our friends!

They didnít do anything to deserve that kind of treatment, but thatís not the way you saw it. You said they had to choose: one of us or the other. How do you think that makes me feel?

I hear what people say. I hear them say that for you, itís all about the money -- itís always been all about the money. I never wanted to believe that. And if I was extra generous with you -- a billion here, another billion there -- it wasnít that I was trying to buy your love. I certainly wasnít trying to control you. I just thought you were worth it.

But to take advantage of my generosity and then laugh behind my back? Thatís what really hurts, especially after all we once meant to each other.

I miss those days -- Iím not ashamed to admit it -- and Iíd do almost anything to get them back again. To let bygones be bygones, and to be just the way we were.

What do you say, honey? Can we try it one more time?

Rick Horowitz is a syndicated columnist. You can write to him at rickhoro@execpc.com.

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