Walworth County roads under construction

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Kevin Hoffman
Tuesday, June 7, 2011
— Four Walworth County highways will get some maintenance attention starting Monday, slowing commuters for as long as two weeks.

The Walworth County Public Works Department on Monday will begin sealing about 29 miles of highway, according to a news release. The county won’t close roads, but traffic will be limited to only locals, and speed limits will be posted at 35 mph for one week to allow the sealant to take effect.

Sealing involves spraying a layer of oil onto the road and covered it with a layer of small stones or chips, Public Works Operations Director Larry Price said. He called the maintenance an inexpensive way to increase a road’s longevity.

“Some people think that just because we did a road, say, two years ago and they see us chip sealing, that we’re wasting money,” Price said. “It’s money well spent.

“Any slight crack in the new road, we catch it quick before water gets in there. It’s the cheapest maintenance to prolong the life of a road, along with crack filling, which is done in the spring.”

The sealing treatment is given to pavement that’s 2 to 6 years old, Price estimated. The maintenance is the largest planned roads project in Walworth County this summer, though minor construction could take place with remaining funds.

Price said no detour signs will be posted because roads will remain open. Drivers are asked to lookout for flaggers and slow down when traveling through work areas.

Work is expected to take two weeks, but that could change depending on the weather.

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