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Saturday, July 30, 2011
— Matt Behm and Sam Van Galder were the clear-cut favorites in this year’s Janesville Men’s City Golf Tournament.

In winning four of the last five city titles, Behm’s course-management skills and Van Galder’s legendary length off the tee set them apart from the rest of the field.

Nothing has changed heading into today’s final round.

Behm fired a 2-under, par 70 in Saturday’s second round at Riverside and will take a 3-shot lead over Van Galder into the third and final round today at the Janesville Country Club. Van Galder also shot 70, while Michael Oellerich, a Brodhead resident who works in Janesville, is five shots back. Aaron Ronden trails by seven, and Mark Thomsen, thanks to a second-round 70, is eight back.

Behm bogeyed his first hole of the day but bounced back with birdie the next hole. He was even-par on the front and 2-under on the back.

“I got it going a little bit on the front nine by making birdie on both par 5s,” Behm said. “Anytime I’m under par, I’m happy with my score.”

Behm now has to focus on the Country Club and a showdown with Van Galder on a course he called home growing up.

“I figured Sam would be right there at the end with the way he played at the (Ray) Fischer a month ago,” Behm said. “And I’ve been really impressed with the way Michael has played, too. He just hasn’t made a lot of putts or he would be right there.

“The key at the Country Club is to keep the ball below the hole.

“I’d much rather play the last round with the lead. Now it’s up to me to come out and play well. I like that pressure.”

Van Galder was pleased with his round, except for his play on the par 5s. He birdied only one of the four reachable-in-two par 5s.

“You’ve got to get birdies on the par 5s at Riverside,” Van Galder said. “That’s where you pick up strokes.

“But overall, I’m happy with the way I’ve played the last two days. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.”

Oellerich had 35 on the back nine but two bogeys on the front left him with a 1-over 73.

“I’m just happy to be part of the party,” Oellerich said of playing the final group today. “I wasn’t sure what to expect for my first time playing in this tournament.”

Steve Schultz and Jordan Gagg are at 151 to lead First Flight by one shot over Jimmy Mead.

Jim Crawford (157) leads Second Flight by two over Dave Diece and Scott Shadel.

Men’s City Tournament

At Riverside (Par 72)

Second Round Results


141—Matt Behm, 71-70

144—Sam Van Galder, 74-70

146—Michael Oellerich, 73-73

148—Aaron Rondon, 76-72

149—Mark Thomsen, 79-70

151—Ryan Coffey, 76-75; Bob Kennedy, 79-72.

152—Chris Pastore, 76-76; Doug Sheridan, 76-76; Greg Ruef, 78-74; Aaron Coffey, 77-75

154—Ryne Clatworthy, 78-76; Sean Halverson, 79-75; Charlie Roherty, 78-76.

155—Braddy Bohlman, 81-74

156—James Stubbendick, 81-75; Jake Downing, 79-77

157—Rob Ackerman, 77-80; Jay Fox, 76-81

159—Jordan Brovick, 81-78

161—Blair Schmeiser, 82-79; Evan Diece, 82-79

164—Mike Reid, 82-82

167—Michael Kletzien, 84-83

168—Jeff Farrell, 82-86

172—David DiStefano, 85-87

173—Taylor Johnson, 84-89

174—Jon Phillips, 87-87

178—Chris Koppa, 89-89


151—Steve Schutz, 77-74; Jordan Gagg, 75-76

152—Jimmy Mead, 78-74

154—Gary Polglaze Jr., 77-77; Matt Kempfer, 78-76

155—King Clark, 79-76

157—Gary Neumueller, 76-81; Kevin Riley, 81-76

158—Gary Merk, 76-82

159—Al Herbst, 75-84

160—Shannon Dooley, 80-80—160

162—Chad Sullivan, 81-81

165—Terry Kletzien, 89-76

166—Benjamin DeWitt, 84-82

167—Curt Goodwick, 84-83

169—Dave DeGarmo, 85-84

170—Jeff Hesse, 90-80; Jake Hassinger, 93-77

175—Rick Berry, 89-86

183—Jamie Orr, 87-96


157—Jim Crawford, 80-77

159—Dave Diece, 81-78; Scott Shadel, 82-77

160—Ryan Hutchinson, 78-82

163—Bryan Thorson, 84-79

165—Ryan Luebke, 87-78

166—Shawn Gagg, 84-82; Steve Caya, 81-85; Jon Moldenhauer, 82-84; Steve Gelbach, 83-84

167—Aaron Story, 85-82; Bob Compton, 89-78

169—Adam Unterbrunner, 88-81; Joel Bailey, 84-85

171—David Bitter, 84-87; Eric Hoium, 86-85

172—Steve Anderson, 81-91

175—Jim Barfield, 88-87; Joe Nemeth, 90-85

180—Pat Kennedy, 92-88


158—Jeff Adams, 83-75

159—Scott Schroeder, 83-76; Steven Thurner, 81-78

162—Nolan Moran, 80-82

164—Greg Galvan, 82-82

165—Ned Moser, 82-83

166—Tim Millis, 83-83.

167—Dan Hermanson, 84-83.

168—Kevin Mickelson, 83-85; Brian Garey, 85-83; Todd Sitter, 84-84.

169—Jeff DeGarmo, 85-84.

171—Efren Blanca, 86-85; Jose Perez, 90-81.

172—Mo Khan, 90-82; Michael Reid, 89-83.

173—Jacob Bandi, 91-82; Greg Mullen, 88-85.

175—Eric Scherdell, 87-88.

177—Dean Hendrickson, 89-88.

178—Jace Fenton, 91-87.

179—Brad Schumacher, 87-92; Mike Schoeder, 92-87; Paul Schieldt, 93-86.

182—Paul Burkholder, 91-91.

183—Mark Bestul, 91-92.

184—Matt Ruppe, 88-96.

189—Andrew Coulter, 90-99.

191—Wayne Hansen, 100-91.

192—Josh Guertin, 97-95; Keith Trembula, 94-98.

194—Nathan Punzel, 97-97.


126—Warren Voyce, 61-65; George Pritchet, 57-69.

135—Ronald Johnson, 71-64

136—Dennis Raabe, 67-69

138—Lee Braem, 69-69; Bob Sarow, 67-71.

139—Chad D Flanders, 76-63.

141—Jeff Luebke, 67-74; Joe Slatter, 76-65.

143—Ron Pumilia, 72-71; Scott Erickson, 72- 71.

144—Tom Fenton, 76-68

145—Steve Weiss, 71-74; Richard Moore, 69-76

147—Matt DeWitt, 73-74; Doug Whitescarver, 75-72

148—Dave Langowski, 72-76.

153—Matt Runde, 73-80

155—Andrew Gregg, 77-78.

156—Phil Borkenhagen, 73-83

159—Greg Fiedler, 81-78

167—Lon Haenel, 86-81.

168—Jacob Wampole, 93-75

190—John Hutchinson, 88-102


John Ward

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