Parker gymnasts win Whitewater Invitational

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January 30, 2011

Janesville Parker High School’s top-ranked girls gymnatics team showed its strength again here Saturday.

With three firsts from Erika Whitson and three gymnasts among the top five in all-round, the Vikings posted a 142.2 score to win the Whitewater Invitational.

Milton finished second at 133.075, and Whitewater was third with 132.275. Both had scores higher than what places the Whippets seventh at 131.85 and the Red Hawks 11th at 126.2 in the coaches’ Division 2 state ratings.

Parker is No. 1 in Division 1 with a season best of 143.025. The Vikings’ score Saturday was just behind the 142.87 that places the Burlington co-op second in the Division 1 ratings.

“More than anything, I’m happy with our consistency,” Parker coach Cathy Lehmann said. “We did not have one fall on the balance beam, which is pretty impressive.

“There’s always room for improvement, but I’m very happy with the way we’re competing right now.”

Whitson had a personal-best 36.375 in winning Saturday’s all-around. Her previous best was 36.325. She also won the floor exercise with a 9.625 and balance beam with 9.575.

Rylee Jonuska added to Parker’s strong showing by finishing third with 33.975 in all-around. Hailey Leisten of the Vikings was fifth with 35.575, while Elkhorn’s Allie Phillips was second with 36.15, and Milton’s Carleigh Felstead was fourth with 35.9.

Felstead took first on uneven bars with 9.25, and defending Division 2 state champion Kim Stonewerth of Whitewater won on the vault with 9.575.




Janesville Parker 142.2, Milton 133.075, Whitewater 132.275, Elkhorn 131.175, Oconomowoc 113.025, Jefferson 102.375.


Vault—1. Kim Stoneworth (W), 9.575; 2. Rylee Jonuska (JP), 9.2; 3. Randi Fuller (E), 9.2; 4. Jessica Alf (M), 8.55; 5. Cassie Cropp (M), 8.755; 6. Meredith Little (JP), 8.75.

Uneven bars—1. Carleigh Felstead (M), 9.25; 2. Allie Phillips (E), 9.075; 3. Erika Whitson (JP), 8.725; 4. Rylee Jonuska (JP), 8.25; 5. Hailey Leisten (JP), 8.375; 6. Kim Stoneworth (W), 8.25.

Balance beam—1. Erika Whitson (JP), 9.575; 2. Hailey Leisten, 9.525; 3. Cassie Cropp (M), 9.35; 4. Allie Phillips (E), 9.175; 5. Carleigh Felstead (M), 9.124; 6. Rylee Jonuska (JP), 9.1.

Floor exercise— 1. Erika Whitson (J:P), 9.625; 2. Allie Phillips (E), 9.375; 3. Kim Stonewerth (W), 9.35; 4. Rylee Jonuska (JP), 9.15; 5. Randi Fuller (E), 9.05; 6. Hailey Leisten (JP), 9.025.

All-around—1. Erika Whitson (JP), 36.375; 2. Allie Phillips (E), 36.15; 3. Rylee Jonuska (JP), 36.975; 4. Carleigh Felstead (M), 35.9; 5. Hailey Leisten (JP), 35.575; 6. Kim Stonewerth W), 33.55.

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