DOT seeks public input on Highway 11 plans

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Monday, January 24, 2011
— State officials are developing a long-term plan for Highway 11 from Janesville to Monroe, but expanding the east-west corridor to four lanes is not in the picture.

"Looking at traffic volumes out there now and what's projected, we expect Highway 11 will continue to operate reasonably safely without any real congestion issues for many years to come," said Larry Barta, state Department of Transportation project manager.

The DOT last fall started a two-year study to develop a plan for managing the corridor, preserving safety and serving the expected growth in travel. The DOT wants public input at two open house meetings Wednesday, Feb. 9, in Juda and Tuesday, Feb. 15, in Orfordville.

A brief presentation will be given at both meetings, and DOT representatives want to hear from residents how Highway 11 is working for them, particularly connections from side roads, Barta said.

About 20 local municipal officials provided comments to the DOT recently at two meetings, he said.

"A lot of comments focus on specific intersections," he said. "Overall, I think the comments suggest that the roadway is functioning pretty well yet."

The DOT already has collected data on crashes and traffic volume, including projected volumes.

A traffic count in 2010 showed the highest volume was on the four-lane section around Monroe, where 9,500 vehicles use the highway daily. Heading into Rock County just west of Orfordville, 4,450 vehicles marked the lowest-volume stretch of the corridor. The most traveled section in Rock County was just east of Footville, where 6,100 vehicles travel daily.

Projected volumes for 2030 show traffic through Brodhead would increase from the current 9,300 vehicles to 13,400. East of Footville, counts could increase to 7,900 vehicles.

Improvement recommendations won't come until the study is complete in spring 2012, but the most common and most likely change for the route could be adding passing lanes, Barta said.

"Certainly nothing yet is proposed," he said, "and until we're done with the analysis, we won't have anything that we would recommend."

After the study is done, the DOT will begin studying Highway 11 from Monroe to Dubuque, Iowa.


The Wisconsin Department of Transportation will hold two public information meetings to discuss Highway 11 from Janesville to Monroe. The DOT is studying the corridor, and the public is encouraged to attend one or both of the meetings, provide input, and ask questions. Maps will be on display. DOT representatives will be available to discuss the study on an individual basis.

The meetings will be from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 9, at the Juda Community Center, N2350 County S, Juda, and Tuesday, Feb. 15, at Orfordville Elementary School, 408 W. Beloit Street, Orfordville. A brief presentation will be given at 5:30 p.m. The same information will be available at both meetings.

For more information, contact project manager Larry Barta at (608)246-3884.

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