Country Courts owner withdraws court case

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Friday, January 21, 2011
— The Plymouth Town Board will explore its options for the nearly empty County Courts mobile home park after the park’s owner withdrew his court appeal this week.

The town has been trying for more than a year to get park owner E. James Skarda of Sussex to clean up the park to meet local and state regulations. Board Chairman Larry Harding said throughout process that the board would “not push those people out of there,” he said.

“We’ll wait for the decision to come down.”

The town board was waiting for a court to rule on Skarda’s appeal of the town’s decision to revoke the park’s license last summer. This week, the state Fourth District Court of Appeals approved Skarda’s voluntary dismissal of the case.

“Once we get that document in our hand, we need to research some of our options,” Harding said.

The board meets at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 8.

In early January, residents of the park received notices terminating their tenancy by Jan. 31, and many began moving out soon after. Skarda said in a letter to the park residents that he would not be able to meet the town’s requirements to get a new license without an unaffordable rent increase, so he said he listed the park for sale.

The town now faces the prospect of park of empty mobile homes, a situation the town likely would look at as a nuisance property with health and safety issues, Harding said.

“It’s no different than having your yard full of junk,” he said.

He referred to a civil case the town brought against a Hanover homeowner last year to get the property cleaned up. The town worked with the owner by reducing fines, and the property now is cleaned up, he said.

He said the town would be in contact with the Rock County Health Department and state Department of Commerce and Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection regarding the empty mobile homes.

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