Police investigating Janesville businessman

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Gazette Staff
Tuesday, January 11, 2011
— Janesville police have opened an investigation into Brad Goodrich, a Janesville businessman and minister who in late December was found liable in civil court on accusations of theft by contractor and four other claims.

Judge Dan Dillon ruled that Goodrich owes Steven Barbeau $1.4 million in reimbursement and punitive damages. Goodrich also must pay for Barbeau's lawyer fees.

Lt. Tim Hiers of the Janesville Police Department said detectives are investigating Goodrich. When done, they will meet with District Attorney David O'Leary about whether criminal charges are warranted.

The investigation will include discovering whether people other than Barbeau of an issue with Goodrich, Hiers said.

Goodrich still faces additional lawsuits filed by banks, contractors and other business associates. One suit filed by numerous plaintiffs alleges that Goodrich pilfered more than $1 million in retirement money.

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