Public record for Jan. 10, 2011

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Gazette Staff
Monday, January 10, 2011
Rock County

-- DUSTEN L. JOHNSON, 25, of 1503 St. Lawrence Ave., Janesville, at 7:30 p.m. Friday at 1900 Rockport Road, on a charge of felony theft. Police allege he was taking scrap metal from a construction site. Another person is being sought in the same incident.

-- DANIEL A. FIELD, 30 of 1501 W. Memorial Drive, Janesville, at 7:49 a.m. Saturday at his residence, on charges of first-degree recklessly endangering safety and battery. On three separate occasions, he is accused of domestic violence against a woman, including threatening her with a loaded firearm, with a knife, and battering her.

Intoxicated driving arrests

-- JUSTIN L. SCHMIDT, 22, of 4007 E. Milwaukee St., Janesville, at 3:15 a.m. Saturday at the Rock County Sheriff's Office, on a charge of causing injury by intoxicated driving. A passenger, a 19-year-old woman, suffered injuries to her face. The woman and two others, both age 20, were cited for underage drinking after the car Schmidt was driving went into a ditch at the corner of Highway 14 and Harmony Town Hall Road.


-- BURGLARY to Cozumel Mexican Restaurant, 2900 Deerfield Drive, Janesville, reported Saturday. About $8,000 was taken in the burglary sometime Friday night or Saturday morning.

Rock County Court

-- BRANDY M. CHURCH, 368 E. Memorial Drive, Janesville, operating vehicle without insurance and failure to wear seatbelt, $211.

-- JOSEPH W. CLARK, 1328 Benton Ave., Janesville, failure to stop/improper stop at stop sign, $175.

-- BRANDON M. COAKLEY, 916 Sutherland Ave., Janesville, operating while suspended, $201.

-- MIGUEL COLORADO, Monroe, failure to stop at stop sign, $175.

-- ASHLEIGH K. COLSON, 510 Tudor Drive, Janesville, speeding, $175.

-- BRANDON L. CONRADSON, 307 W. Van Buren, Janesville, dog/cat running at large and keeping unlicensed dog/cat not allowed, $402.

-- SHAWN J. CONSIDINE, 778 S. Main St., No. 3, Janesville, truancy, $201.

-- MICHAEL J. COOK, 208 Rear Depot St., Footville, operating while revoked, $201.

-- ROBERT J. COSTELLO, 511 Chestnut St., Janesville, dog/cat running at large, $264.

-- MICHAEL J. CREEK, 2126 Center Ave., Janesville, operating vehicle without insurance and nonregistration of automobile, $376.

-- JENNIFER A. CROUCH, 1210 Anthony Ave., No. 6, Janesville, worthless checks, $642.

-- AARON Q. DANIELS, Greenfield, failure to yield while making left turn, $175.

-- DAVID J. DEMENY, 2532 Andre Ave., Janesville, speeding, $226.

-- KAREN F. DEWEY, 1521 Barham Ave., Janesville, inattentive driving, $188.

-- DIRECT TRUCKING CORP., Melrose Park, Ill., violating highway weight limits and vehicle equipment violations, $468.

-- ALLEN J. DREFAHL, 116 S. Gilbert St., Footville, place, use or hunt over illegal bail/feed for bear hunting, bear dog training or deer hunting, $344.

-- DANIEL L. DREWES, N3916 Sunrise Circle, Brodhead, failure to check traps and remove animals, $264.

-- D&T TRUCKING COMPANY, Lake Elmo, violating highway weight limits, $536.

-- KEVIN R. ENNOCENTI, 4135 S. River Road, Janesville, operating while suspended, $201.

-- STEPHANIE M. ERICKSON, 2343 Green Valley Drive, Janesville, excess speed/vehicle "special" headlights, $358.

-- JANA L. ETTEN, W3136 Weaver Road, Elkhorn, speeding, $175.

-- DON M. FAGO, 15601 Butts Corners Road, Evansville, place, use or hunt over illegal bail/feed for bear hunting, bear dog training or deer hunting, $344.

-- PATRICIA C. FARACI, Chicago, speeding, $251.

-- JASON W. FEHR, 203 S. Ringold St., Janesville, operating vehicle without insurance and failure to wear seatbelt, $211.

-- JON L. FELDT, Detroit Lakes, Minn., deviating from lane of traffic, $183.

-- JOHNATHON P. FINN, 2616 Kellogg Ave., No. 105, Janesville, operating without carrying license, $201.

-- COLLEEN D. FISCHER, 377 Swan Lane, Janesville, operating vehicle without insurance and failure to wear seatbelt, $211.

-- JEAN A. FLECK, 379 W. Sunset Drive, Milton, speeding, $175.

-- JONATHAN L. FLOYD, 821 Rogers St., Milton, operating without valid license first violation, $201.

-- DAVID A. FRANKS, Madison, trespassing to land, $264.

-- REBECCA L. FROEMING, Mukwonago, speeding, $175,

-- JESSICA A. FUGATE, 610 Park Ave., Edgerton, speeding, $201.

-- FULLY SEASONAL, 1412 Blaine Ave., Janesville, nonregistration of vehicle, $264.

-- DANIEL W. FUS, 107 S. Main St., No. 1, Janesville, operating while suspended and operating vehicle without proof of insurance, $211.

-- MIGUEL A. GARCIA, 1002 Ravine St., Janesville, operating vehicle without insurance, $201.

-- GEORGE FRANK TRUCKING, 10102 E. Willow Drive, Milton, violating class of highway weight limits, $480.

-- SWANTANESSE N. GILLS, Milwaukee, operating while suspended, $201.

-- MICHAEL O. GITTINGS, 1707 Morningside Drive, No. 213, Janesville, nonregistration of automobile and operating while suspended, $376.

-- KATHERINE E. GODDING, 1817 Kensington St., Janesville, speeding, $226.

-- KESHEKE S. GRADY, 317 N. Washington St., Janesville, operating vehicle without insurance, $201.

-- GREGORY A. GRAESSLIN, 1309 S. Terrace St., Janesville, operating vehicle without insurance, $201.

-- ANGELA K. GREEN, 4837 W. Rockport Road, Apt. B, Janesville, worthless checks, $213.

-- JO A. GREEN, 2511 Bradford Ave., Janesville, nonregistration of automobile, $175.

-- JESSICA M. GRITTON, Kimberly, speeding, $201.

-- JOSHUA J. GROETKEN, 619 Harding St., Janesville, operating vehicle without insurance and operating while suspended, $402.

-- ERIC R. GUDGEON, 4423 Saratoga Drive, Janesville, speeding, $201.

-- LUCRECIO L. GUTIERREZ, 1051 Bouchard Ave., Apt. A, Janesville, operating vehicle without insurance, $201.

-- DORRAINE M. HALLETT, 7011 N. Williams Road, Janesville, speeding in school zones, $264.

-- CHRISTINE HAMMIT, 2426 Sherwood Drive, Janesville, speeding, $175.

-- ERIC W. HANSON, Monroe, place, use, hunt wild animals with bait, $344.

-- GABRIEL L. HANSON, Footville, operating vehicle without insurance, $201.

-- DAVID A. HARRIS, Sycamore, Ill., speeding, $251.

-- GORDON W. HARRISON, 316 E. Racine St., Janesville, operating while revoked, $201.

-- KEVIN L. HARROLLE, Cottage Grove, operating while suspended, $201.

-- HEATHER A. HASCHKE, 2723 King St., Janesville, speeding, $175.

-- GENE A. HASEL, 931 Eisenhower Ave., Janesville, failure to display back tag while deer hunting, $183.

-- PATRICK J. HECKER, Rockton, Ill., fraud in obtaining a license, $504.

-- JAMES A. HENRY, 817 Sherman Ave., Janesville, inattentive driving, $188.

-- ELISEO A. HERNANDEZ, 1825 S. Oakhill Ave., Janesville, underage drinking possession second violation, license suspension, $390.

-- LUIS I. HERNANDEZ, 213 Cherry St., Janesville, truancy, $201.

-- MARIBEL HERNANDEZ-PEREZ, 2500 Mt. Zion Ave., Janesville, automobile following too closely, $201.

-- JURIJ HINTZE, 1815 Charles St., Janesville, speeding, $201.

-- MICHELLE HOLMES, 1603 W. Court St., Janesville, worthless checks, $642.

-- MICHAEL A. HUFFMAN, 1516 N. Concord Drive, Janesville, hunt game before/after hours, $183.

-- J&D TRANSPORT, Bloomer, violating highway weight limits second or more violation, $374.

-- JENNIER R. JAGODINSKI, 455 N. Parker Drive, Janesville, operating vehicle without insurance and nonregistration of automobile, $376.

-- DEBORAH L. JAHNKE, 1220 Columbus Circle, Janesville, operating vehicle without adequate muffler, $264.

-- JEREMEY D. JENKINS, 222 N. Franklin St., No. 211, Janesville, operating while suspended, $201.

-- MICHAEL L. JOHNS, 7920 E. Creek Road, Janesville, place, use, hunt wild animals with bait, $388.

-- WAYNE D. JOHNSON, 1418 Saint George Lane, Janesville, harvest reporting requirements, $183.

-- ERICA M. JONES, Sun Prairie, speeding and operating vehicle without proof of insurance, $286.

-- JUSTIN R. JONES, Brooklyn, operating while suspended, $201.

-- PETE D. JONES, 218 S. Sixth St., Delavan, speeding and operating while suspended, $376.

-- VICTOR LEWIS JORDAN JR, 255 S. Jackson St., No. 3, Janesville, domestic disorderly conduct, $506.

-- NOAH C. KELLER, 319 S. Gilbert St., Footville, inattentive driving and mandatory seatbelt requirements, $188.

-- PAUL F. KENNEDY, Madison, damage to physical property of another, $390.

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