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Gazette Staff
Friday, January 7, 2011
Rock County

-- SHERRY A. KUBLICK, 38, of 14 S. River St., No. 203, Janesville, at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday in the first block of Parker Drive, Janesville, on a charge of misappropriation of personal identifying information.

Intoxicated driving arrests

-- ANTHONY T. KAISER, 30, of 5424 N. Waverly Drive, Milton, at 2:04 a.m. Thursday at Adams and Milwaukee streets, Janesville.


-- BURGLARY reported at 11:08 a.m. Wednesday to a home in the 1200 block of Anthony Avenue, Janesville. Reported stolen was a TV and a book of checks valued at about $1,600.

-- BURGLARY reported at 9:58 a.m. Sunday to a home in the 600 block of Williams Street, Janesville. Reported stolen was a DVD player valued at $100.

-- BURGLARY reported at 8:55 a.m. Tuesday to a home in the 600 block of Garfield Avenue, Janesville. Reported stolen was a TV valued at $800.

-- BURGLARY reported at 8:11 a.m. Saturday to JNR Express Mart, 1747 Center Ave., Janesville. Reported stolen was $1,500 in cigarettes.

-- BURGLARY reported at 8:57 a.m. Monday to a home in the 5600 block of North Old Highway 92, Evansville. Reported stolen were rings valued at $3,500.

-- BURGLARY, reported at 12:52 a.m. Thursday to an apartment in the 200 block of South Jackson Street, Janesville. Reported stolen were a 42-inch and 13-inch flat-screen televisions, a receiver and DVD player, laptop, safe with personal items, and a speaker.

-- FORGERY, reported Thursday at Blackhawk Community Credit Union, 3012 Deerfield Drive, Janesville. Someone reportedly applied for a loan, possibly with an incorrect Social Security number, and the loan has become delinquent.

Rock County Divorces

-- Steven Allen Burdick and Tammy Lynn Burdick, both of Rock County, married March 1997.

-- Matthew Ian Hopkins and Sally Marie Stanford, both of Duval County, Fla., married September 2003.

-- Jason Lee Klingaman and Jessica Lee Klingaman, both of Rock County, married April 2004.

-- Thomas Charles Hinkel and Nichole Lynn Hinkel, both of Rock County, married February 1996.

-- Jason Michael Hamand and Angela Antonette Hamand, both of Rock County, married August 2005.

-- Joseph Charles Krebs and Tammy Ann Krebs, both of Rock County, married August 1993.

-- Roger William Fanning and Jodell L. Fanning, both of Rock County, married July 1989.

-- David Lawrence Burdick and Terri Lynn Burdick, both of Rock County, married April 1994.

-- Joel David Schmelzer and Sandy Kay Schmelzer, both of Rock County, married August 2001.

-- Russell Henry Farr Jr., unknown county, and Michelle Marie Farr, Rock County, married November 2008.

-- Ignacio Servin-Juardo and Virginia Hernandez, both of Rock County, married February 1983.

-- Patrick Thomas Ryan, Rock County, and Bernadette Louise Ryan-Clement, Manatee County, Fla., married February 1976.

Rock County Marriages

-- Jeffrey Dedrick and Denise Bergen, both of Milton.

-- David Joyner and Brittany Perdue, both of Janesville.

-- Jaryd Hiser and Kaleigh Pope, both of Janesville.

-- Dean Wilson and Amanda Alvarado, both of Janesville.

-- William Graham and Sandra Martin, both of Evansville.

-- Patrick Ries and Joan Peterson, both of Milton.

-- Daniel Lawrence and Kimberly Baker, both of Milton.

-- Joshua Selck and Jana Lyman, both of Janesville.

-- Andrew O'Leary and Ashley Burwitz, both of Janesville.

-- Joseph Kluge, Spring Valley, and Laura Stazio, Janesville.

-- Jose Osuna Elvira and Miriam Galvan Quezada, both of Beloit.

-- Brennan Lean and Sommer Herro, both of Milton.

-- Jason Knott and Emily McNaughton, both of Fulton.

-- Kerrick Franklin and Morticia Zafar, both of Beloit.

-- Matthew Durkee, Orangeville, Canada, and Megan Hamel, Edgerton.

-- Glenn Weir and Brenda Pendergraft, both of Janesville.

-- Thomas McDonald and Elaine Morehart, both of Janesville.

-- Jose Mendoza and Reyna Martinez Avendano, both of Beloit.

-- Steven Converse and Mary Schultz, both of Plymouth.

-- Erik Yungen, Loves Park, Ill., and Emily Meding, Beloit.

-- Patrick Milbourn, Orfordville, and Kimberly Lefave, Janesville.

-- Tyler Phillips and Brittany Wichelt, both of Beloit.

Walworth County Marriages

-- James Hawkinson and Roxanne Nelson, both of Chicago.

-- Thomas Swan and Raylene Bruner, both of Whitewater.

-- Brian Anderson and Susan Showalter, both of Delavan.

-- Lyle Hakes and Karen Kurth, both of Delavan.

-- Peter Pipp and Roberta Brown, both of Darien.

-- Sean Brauser and Jacquelyn Regester, both of Medina, Ohio.

-- Dennis Dixon and Sherry Dixon, both of Sugar Creek.

-- Martin Smith and Teresa Hiltz, both of Whitewater.

-- Mark Hanneman, Lakemoor, Ill., and Kelsey Johansson, Mount Prospect, Ill.

-- Richard Schutt Jr. and Pamela Hoak, both of Sharon.

-- Del Mc Clure and Lisa Stefani-Esposito, both of Bloomfield.

-- Bradley Dahl and Jill Davis, both of Lake Geneva.

-- Joshua Mac Veagh and Cassandra Cernohous, both of East Troy.

-- Daniel Gauger and Amanda Van Vuren, both of Whitewater.

-- Eric Villiard and Joy Janezic, both of Bloomfield.

-- Joseph Lahmon, Twentynine Palms, Calif., and Elizabeth Napier, Elkhorn.

-- Michael Norris, Milwaukee, and Kimberly Butcher, Whitewater.

-- William Reitz III and Jennifer Stonehocker, both of Bloomfield.

-- Jeffrey Molepske and Jacquelyn Clark, Plano, Texas.

-- Benjamin Casas-Stenzel, Spring Prairie, and Colleen Brisbois, Lyons.

-- Victor Barrera Mecinas and Marisol Villegas Jaramillo, both of Delavan.

-- Dennis Thurow and Heidi Wolf, both of Richmond.

-- Samual Riggs III, Delavan, and Connie Shepard, Menomonee Falls.

-- Roberto Perez Mexicano and Paulicia Lewis, both of Elkhorn.

-- Paul Hoover, Waukesha, and Madeline Schenning, Elkhorn.

-- Walter Dietschweiler, Bloomfield, and Melissa Thornton, Burlington.

-- Christopher Koopman and Brianna Erickson, both of Sioux Falls, S. D.

-- Jason Walker and Gina Powers, both of Lyons.

-- Donte Bennett and Teshona Evans, both of Whitewater.

-- Peter Reshel and Katie Rhode, both of Lafayette.

-- Mark Abel and Cassandra Sonnemann, both of Delavan.

-- Ryan Salamon, New Berlin, and Rachael Cook, Delavan.

-- Anthony Paul and Krista Woolever, both of Whitewater.

-- Christopher Piha, Carbondale, Ill., and Cari Pierce, Rockton, Ill.

-- Michael Gray, Harvard, Ill., and Caroline La Cosse, Bellevue, Neb.

-- Thomas Hayes, Normal, Ill., and Gloria Simpson, Valparaiso, Ind.

-- Vincent Ghiselli and Amy Heusser, both of Elkhorn.

-- David George and Michele Kozera, both of East Troy.

-- Jeffrey Peters and Erin Grob, both of East Troy.

-- Geoffrey Mittelsteadt and Melody Carter, both of San Antonio, Texas.

-- Scott Woodbury and Laura Frye, both of East Troy.

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